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Visually impaired Voice of Lithuania participant: 'I want to inspire others that they can do anything'


This Sunday, the last round of the Knockouts will air on LNK TV. All the participants selected by the teachers will finally be revealed, with just one step to the grand finale - the duel. For the chance to pursue their dreams in the project, the participants will be ready to give their all on stage and create performances that will repeatedly lift the teachers out of their chairs and make their decisions extremely difficult.


Among the stars of the show is Liveta, who disarmed all teachers and viewers with her positivity in the blind auditions. A girl who has been visually impaired since birth and can hardly see, one of her biggest dreams is to sing and be on stage.


"As a child, we used to watch the voice and my mother and I used to dream that maybe one day I could stand on that stage. But I didn't believe it then. I didn't have much confidence in myself back then. I still can't believe I'm here, I really thought that nobody would turn me away, I had already believed that I had walked for nothing, and then, at the last second, Monique pushed the red button. Everybody said I couldn't do it, but it turns out I can", she says about her dream to sing on stage.


Visually impaired Liveta can only see 4% of the world around her. And although she shone with positivity from the very first steps in the project, she managed to move all the teachers with her story. Liveta admitted that not so long ago she was bullied a lot because of her disability.


"I used to get teased a lot. I used to react very badly, it was painful, and I used to cry all the time when I came back. But then my self-confidence grew and I am very happy about that. I have developed a thick skin. I look in the mirror now and tell myself that I am quite beautiful, whereas before I just couldn't look at myself. I think you just have to stop feeling sorry for yourself, be yourself and enjoy life. And there will be people who will accept you for who you are," says Liveta, who has forced teachers to open up about the bullying they experienced at school.


However, Liveta herself is not trying to cause pity, but rather to prove that no matter what others say, it is possible to achieve anything in life.


"I am happy that Liveta has so much positivity and joy. It teaches us to move forward, to listen less to others and to do what you believe in. It's very inspiring", says Donatas Montvydas about the participant.


Her teacher in the project, Monique, also wants to inspire others and Liveta herself by dedicating a faith-giving song to Liveta's "knockouts".


"I gave her a song by Monika Linkytė, which must be very hopeful. I really don't want to make it into some kind of pity party. I want her to show everyone what a beautiful, emotional and strong person she is. I want her to give everyone hope, to prove to everyone that in life, no matter what the circumstances, anything is possible", says Monique.


However, she will have to face two vocally strong competitors on stage. Will she manage to convince Monique that her desire to sing and her talent is greater than the other contestants and why will her performance move the teachers so much - this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.