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We work with ideas that don't fit into any standard framework. We turn fantasies that know no boundaries into reality. We create events that have no rules. Anything is possible here. And it doesn't matter what size the party is. We know how to make it unforgettable, even for those who have seen it all.

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Range Rover Velar launch 2023

Bentley Christmas Event 2022

Range Rover delivery 2022

The launch of the new Range Rover sport in Vilnius.

The event aimed to reflect the cold and harsh conditions, which are nothing to the new model. The traditional host of the event was dropped and replaced by a recorded narrator's voice following the legend of the new model. The event also featured jewellery by Ben Staskauskas. The atmosphere was created by the unexpected use of pyrotechnic solutions: CO2 smoke cannons and white smoke.

The event culminated in  a special soundtrack composed by Leon Somov, during which the dancers of the Baltic Ballet company opened the mysterious rock inside which the new model was hiding during a special number. This event was voted the best Range rover sports presentation in Europe.

IKI 30th anniversary 2022

Maserati launches in Vilnius and Tallinn 2022

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2021 Darnu Discoveries in Nida

2021 Topo Centre Discoveries in Žemaitija

2021 Darnu Christmas

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2021 Bentley Christmas

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ALWARK's 12th birthday celebration

At the end of February, the Kurhaus in Birštonas hosted a celebration of Alwark's twelfth birthday. Together with Rolandas Mackevičius, the evening was a chance for the company's employees not only to learn more about each other, but also to see how colleagues from different departments in the city work, who were interviewed by the charismatic Nijolė Pareigytė in a specially prepared video series. The birthday celebration was opened with an exceptional performance by BBG dancers, the musical programme was prepared by one of the most beautiful voices in the country, PAULINA, and the guests were made to doubt their eyes by illusionist Justinas Mailinauskas.


An exceptional evening full of surprises and surprises delighted the guests of Rimo Grupė, who gathered for the launch of the new Rimo Aderas truck. In a subtly decorated space, Monika Marija, voted the most beautiful voice of the country in 2017, greeted the guests with romantic songs, accompanied by composer Marius Leskauskas. Together with the Vilnius Big Band, Vaidas Baumila and Monique gave an exclusive programme, followed by the unveiling of Rimas Aderas' new car, accompanied by lights and laser effects. The introduction to the new ADERO was accompanied by new surprises - a special programme was presented by racing driver Vaidotas Žala, and the biggest surprise of the evening was the performance by Donatas Montvydas.

Bentley Continental Delivery 2017

On 15 December, the Kempinski Hotel in Vilnius opened its doors not only to special personalities, but also to an extraordinary event - for the first time, the new Bentley Continental was presented to an exclusive Vilnius audience. The unusual idea of presenting the new model in a performance style, which not only created intrigue and a spectacular reveal of the car itself, but also left a strong emotional impression. During the performance, the car was covered with special structures that were successively unveiled, one after the other, telling the story of the best features of BENTLEY through different media - video mapping, sculpture, live music, choreography and light effects

Porsche Cayenne Delivery

The unveiling of the third generation of the new Porsche Cayenne, with its uniqueness, dictated the concept of the event - a never-before-experienced train journey on the Porsche route. The stretch of the road from Vilnius railway station to the train depot in Naujoji Vilnia was transformed into one big stage, where unexpected performances on different parts of the road changed each other, and the "story" of the Porsche, which was heard by the passengers, made it possible to merge all the scenographic solutions into one whole. Flaming torches, actors' mise-en-scene, the performance of a whole range of Porsche sports cars, a horse programme, dancers' performances, road races and many more spectacular scenic solutions took the audience on a journey of unforgettable moments in a festival whose final destination was the unveiling of the new Porsche Cayene.

Paupis Project SPRING Presentation 2017

In Vilnius, MG Valda will build the beautiful Paupis district. Our team had the honour of creating the presentation. We called the project SPRING, because it is an architectural spring for the Old Town of Vilnius. On the construction site, we built a decorated bridge 160 metres long and 4 metres high, from which the guests had a view of the hologram tulle (40 m x10 m), used for the first time in Lithuania, with the effect of architectural models appearing in the illuminated space like a hologram. We called the bridge installation - BRIDGE TO SPRING. An improvised grass walkway on the bridge led the guests to an improvised PAUPIO MARKET in the circus tent. Here the presentation evening took place. Food producers from different countries set up their stalls in the market and cooked and served the guests on site. To open the programme, we chose VIVALDI SPRING, which was performed by the Orchestra of St. Christopher's together with multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis. We integrated a specially created presentation film into the opening, in which the architects and developers talk about the Paupis project.

Hotel Artagonist Presentation 2017

Art lived here, not confined to the gallery walls - that's how Artagonist, Vilnius' most artistic hotel, presented itself. To introduce the newly opened hotel, Artagonist, together with the creative house Elitaz, gathered their best friends on 2 February and gave them a real performance feast. Eighteen rooms opened their doors to all their guests that evening and surprised them with shocking and intriguing performances. During the evening, Monika Dirsytė, the most famous representative of this genre in Lithuania, charmed with her exclusive, relationship-illusion performance "I am your sun". Artist Jolita Vaitkutė shocked with her impressive "Sugar Labyrinth", while Rokas Bernatonis, the most famous Baltic illusionist, made you believe in miracles in "The Magic Room". The Snake Women and the Pickled Man also gave exceptional performances in the hotel rooms. "Vilija iš čtvrttu aukšto" surprised with the enchanting sound of the harp, "Sleeping Beauty" Kristina Tarasevičiūtė gave a ballet dance to those who dared to kiss her, and for those who wanted to have a really different kind of fun, the company of crazy friends invited them to "Party in Silence". Guests, who had had an exceptional artistic experience, ended the evening in the basement of the hotel to the exotic jazz tunes of The Vanbrugh Hill Music Syndicate.


On the evening of 14 October, the industrial space of the Vilnius Locomotive Depot was reborn with a new lease of life - the UNICEF show "For Every Child", which has already become a tradition, took place there. The Parisian bohemian space invited guests and viewers watching the live broadcast to share their kindness by donating to the children of Malawi. The evening was hosted by actor Vytautas Rumšas Jr. and Giedrė Rusytė, who flew in from Paris especially for the event. The spectacular evening, as every year, brought together the most famous faces from the world of music, shows and sports, with unforgettable performances by Donatas Montvydas, Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzu, Mango, Monika Linkytė, Jokūbas Bareikis, Lemon Joy, G&G Sindikatas, Vaidas Baumila, Monika Pundziūtė-Monique, Katažina Zvonkuvienė, Lina Rastokaitė and Erika Jennings.

Litagra show "Harvest Story" 2016

Litagra Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with a spectacular show "The History of the Harvest". The team of Elitaz Creative House decided to use this show to convey the modern friendship between the land and man that has been the main vision of Litagra for many years. The modern way of presenting the best of Lithuania: songs, patterns, artists and even the national costume, weaving it all together into one berndra story. The creative team's use of technology, such as video mapping, kinetic structures capable of changing shapes at the touch of a button, state-of-the-art lasers and projections, added a touch of innovation.Lithuanian stars Merūnas Vitulskis, Rosita Čivilytė, Tadas Juodsnukis, Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė, Violeta and Vilius Tarasovs, Gytis-Valickas Echoes, Paula Valentaitė, Girmantė Vaitkutė and special guests from Latvia told the story of the harvest with their songs: Samanta Tina and Lauris Reiniks, the latter's appearance on stage was a gift from the company's partners from Latvia for their long and successful partnership. The Lithuanian folk songs performed by the performers that evening took on a modern and contemporary sound, which was brought together by the arrangements and musical interludes of the well-known DJ Girių dvasios.


For the eighth time in a row, ELITAZ is entrusted with the opening ceremony of the new TV3 season. Hundreds of the brightest stars from the world of television, music and entertainment, actors, businessmen and politicians walked the red carpet, and the songs of last year's X Factor winner Monika Pundziūtė were performed in the 1,000-square-metre VIP box in Kalnų Park. After a speech by TV3 CEO Laura Blaževičiūtė, more than 700 guests welcomed the summer and opened the 23rd TV season with a grand concert by Leon Somov and Jazzu. Before the concert started, a wall of 15,000 balloons separated the stage from the guests, which were released spectacularly into the sky to reveal an unforgettable performance by the golden duo. After the concert, Justė Arlauskaitė - Jazzu moved to the VIP area, where together with the bands Zeta Beat and Original Copy, they entertained the guests with their songs.


On 22-24 July 2016, MG Valda gave its employees an extraordinary corporate summer celebration, with the Elitaz team taking care of all the organisational details. The celebration, which took place on the shores of Lake Lavys in the Varėna district, took on a true Dzūkija name, "If not mushrooms and berries...", and with it a bunch of Dzūkija entertainment. Guests arrived with a Dzūkija feast and were greeted by the Dzūkija bobos, led by actress Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, who later entertained the guests with a fun performance and tasks. Arūnas Valinskas himself was soon testing the knowledge of the staff with an exclusive "Golden Mind" game. Guests were also entertained with active activities: a canoe trip full of tasks and surprises, paddle boarding, and a boat trip. The extraordinary celebration full of surprises was crowned by a spectacular performance by the band "Šalutinis efektas" and a breath-taking laser and visualisation show together with the project "Girių duchios".