TV events

From award ceremonies, television season openers, shows celebrating the anniversary of Lithuanian basketball to international sporting events that attract millions of viewers around the world, ELITAZ Creative House's production expertise spans the fields of art, television and sport. We boldly step forward and strive to stand firmly on the international market, where we share the valuable and unique experience we have accumulated over nearly twenty years, creating top quality content and sharing innovative scenographic, technological and creative solutions.

F2 Water Formula Championship 2021 - 2023

The F2 World Championship in Lithuania is organised for the third year in a row by the ELITAZ Creative House. The production and event management company sees this event not only as a competition in the world of sport, but also as a unique two-day event that brings together thousands of people to see it live and millions to watch it on TV screens. We're creating the ultimate viewing experience with 14 cameras, including those inside the cars to show what the drivers are experiencing in real time, as well as slow-motion Phantom cameras and drones capable of speeds of 200km/h. This year's F2 Water Formula Championship in Klaipėda was watched by over 300,000 viewers on LRT alone, with a global audience of a staggering 44 million.

Blade Fights 2022 - 2023

A new international mixed martial arts tournament in Lithuania, conceptualised by ELITAZ Creative House. The tournament brings together fighters from all over the world and is accompanied by a spectacular show part. It is a fusion of three arts: martial arts, demonstrated by MMA professionals, audiovisual arts, rebroadcasting the tournaments around the world, and performing arts, accompanying each tournament and presenting shows prepared by the stars of the stage. The athletes are also uniquely escorted into the ring to the sound of live music. The Blade Fight tournament is hosted by popular Irish sports presenter and radio star Aidan Power.

People 2019 Awards

The Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius hosted the annual People 2019 Awards, which this year was an exceptional year of renewal, with the evening honouring not only the best in music, stage and sport, but also the most deserving members of society and those who have made a huge impact in science, culture and business. On the ever-changing stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, Violeta Tarasovienė, who was lowered from the ceiling, created a spectacular choreographic show, and Mantas Jankavičius, together with the performer and the "Lietuvos balsas. Children" participant Paulis Rimeikis performed a stunning version of the song "Barcelona", in which the part of Montserrat Caballe was sung by an eleven-year-old who sang the opera falsetto. Another surprise for the audience was the unexpected performance of Rosita Čivilytė, Erica Jennings, Monika Marija and Joanna Gedmintaitė, who rose from the audience seats to cover the most famous Lithuanian songs. One of the most memorable performances of the evening was the duet show, during which Leonas Somovas, Justinas Jarutis, Inga Jankauskaitė, KAIA, Paulina, Gerda Šukytė, Monique and Mantas Jankavičius performed together, taking turns to perform their jointly composed pieces. The stage was also graced by impressive performances by Beatrich, Monika Marija and Andrius Mamontovas, who performed with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra.

Express to 2019

On the evening of 31 January, the most mysterious New Year's Eve party "Ekspresas į 2019" took place in Vilnius. Passengers who bought tickets for the mysterious journey were greeted at the Vilnius train depot by a train with a Pink Criminal theme. Drinks, snacks and a raucous party in the train carriages with unexpected stops and surprises awaited the adventurous train passengers. At one of the stops, guests were surprised by an unexpected concert by Monika Marija, and at another, by a live piglet brought on board and its "fight" with a dog, symbolising the farewell of the old year and the welcoming of the new. Just before midnight, the train made its final stop at Vilnius Depot, where guests disembarked for a raucous Pink Criminal party and, after welcoming the New Year, continued the evening in a special VIP area, with performances by Leon Somov, Adeph and SEL.

K95 show 2017

The K95 Basketball Festival, which took place all over Lithuania, brought together the most famous representatives of the Lithuanian sports and entertainment world. The ELITAZ team, working furiously together with 700 professionals in their field, realised one of the brightest events of this year...The performers - SEL, Džordana Butkutė and basketball hit writer Linas Adomaitis performed their hits live on one stage with exceptional scenographic and show solutions! On the occasion of the Basketball Anniversary, the most deserving people were awarded. The President of the Republic of Lithuania D. Grybauskaitė, President V. Adamkus, Prof. V. Landsbergis, legendary basketball player Arvydas Sabonis, one of the greatest coaches of all time Vladas Garastas, and even the President of the International Basketball Federation FIBA, Horacio Muratore, came to give their congratulations! Thank you to TV3 TV, the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, the performers, the guests and the whole team that helped make this unforgettable project a reality. Your ELITAZ.