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Bridge 2

Auditions for the new season of the reality TV series "The Bridge" begin: the winner will receive a record prize of €50,000

The reality series "The Bridge", which has set viewing records and overtaken all Telia Play premieres, is gearing up for its second season and announces the casting call. The creators of the reality series promise even more intrigue, surprising both the participants and the viewers. This season is also special because the winner will receive an even more impressive cash prize.

In the 12 episodes of the Telia Play reality series "The Bridge", filmed in a wild corner of Lithuanian nature, 12 people took on an extraordinary challenge to build a 300-metre bridge connecting their campsite to the Lighthouse on the island of a lake. They competed for the top prize of €30,000. Where the second "Bridge" will take place and what tasks await the creators is a mystery. However, they reveal that this time the main prize will be even bigger - as much as 50 thousand euros.

"The reality series "The Bridge" that brought viewers to their screens has become the most-watched Telia Play series of all time, beating such global hits as HBO's House of Dragons, Last of Us or the Lithuanian series Troll Farm. The results make sense to invest in high quality Lithuanian content that is welcomed and appealing to Lithuanians", says Vitalija Kibildė, Head of Telia Play.

The second season of the series will be produced by the Elitaz team. The series producer Gediminas Jaunius says that everyone will be surprised by the scale of the intrigue and the new trajectories of the project. He says that the creators of the series hope to attract bold, free, bright and adventurous people who are ready for adventure and who are willing to build bridges - both literally and figuratively.

A test that changes personalities

According to the producer, this project, which can be described as a social experiment, changes the lives of the participants and gives the audience unexpected insights. "It has been fascinating to see how the project has transcended the entertainment genre. I would call it a social experiment, where people from different backgrounds came together to carry out one mission. While people take up the challenge of building a physical bridge, many bridges are built and burned in relationships. The building of internal bridges also contributes. This was mentioned by many of the participants in the first season. They wrote about personal experiences that have changed their lives and attitudes. It is really like a spiritual exercise when people go to self-improvement camps. The viewers were also surprised, because they were expecting only entertaining, light content, but they got valuable thoughts", says G. Jaunius, producer of the series.  

He said that when the filming was over and he had interacted with the cast, it was clear that they had gained a lot of experience. "I remember the moment when we finally met at the end of the project, because we had been in separate areas all the time and hadn't communicated much - it was good to see their faces, their eyes, their states, their interactions. Our relationship with them was already strong as creators of the series, and their relationship with each other was incredibly deep. People had a really interesting and special time together. I see on social media that the participants are still meeting each other, they even celebrated Christmas together. The salt pudding eaten together, the experiences they had together make them want to meet afterwards, to share their impressions", - said the producer.

"The Bridge is unique in that it is always mysterious. Although the format of the upcoming reality series is the same, the same is not to be expected. The big news is that the chest under the lighthouse is fuller, with 50,000 euros in it. That's even more than last year's record-breaking prize fund. So the motivation to participate and compete is growing. I can only encourage everyone who takes part - it's going to be a big and intriguing game with even bigger challenges than last year," says G. Jaunius.

He says that choosing the location for the game is a rebus decision that takes months. The location, according to the producer, has its own character and challenges, and it also dictates certain scenarios and selection processes. "Once the location is chosen, there is a big and interesting job to prepare it for filming. We have people in the team who work in the film industry - we are very happy to be able to show nature from a new angle, to make it appear even more to the viewer. I can say that we will never cease to amaze", he promises.  

According to the Head of Content at Telia Play, this reality series shines brightly among the examples of original content their team delivers. "We want to offer viewers quality entertainment and inspire them to take an interest in Lithuanian creativity. We have noticed that viewers appreciate this kind of content, with previous examples such as the documentary series about Andrius Mamontovas "Silence in the Sound", concert films, Play sound music talk shows, and the food documentary "Other Side of the Plate" dominating the platform's most watched content," says V. Kibildė. Fans of the reality series and all those eager to get out of their comfort zone and experience an unforgettable adventure and win an impressive cash prize are invited to fill in the form for the selection of participants www.tiltas2.lt.