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Voice of Lithuania participant, who was ill with coronavirus before the knockouts, came to the dress rehearsal unprepared: 'I realised on stage that I didn't remember anything'


Tonight, the last episode of the knockout round will be broadcast on LNK TV, where all the participants will be revealed, who will sing duets next week - they are just one step away from the final.


Dovilė Davidavičiūtė will also be among her teacher's favourites. During the blind auditions Dovilė told her life story - eight years ago, when she got pregnant in the tenth grade, she had to put her musical dreams on hold for a while. But now Dovilė is a mother of two, and with her children now grown up, she has finally decided that this is the right time to realise her dream of being on stage.


"Back then, I thought I'd be a supermom, that I'd finish my studies easily, that both my husband and I would work and everything would be fine. And actually it wasn't hard for me because I was a dumbass then. And now it's harder because more things have come to my mind, I'm trying to fix something, do something better. But I'm grateful for the way things have worked out. It's easier for me now because the kids are grown up and I still have gas. It's important for me to be recognised as a good vocalist, performer, singer. I knew from childhood that I had to be a singer. I want to set an example for my children and to prove to myself that I can do something. My main goal is for my teachers to hear that I am a good singer", says Dovilė.


The teachers have definitely heard and the girl will fight on the knockout stage in Justinas Jaruitis' team. However, it will turn out that this contestant has had the most difficult preparation of all. Just a few weeks before filming, Dovilė contracted the coronavirus and didn't know until the last moment whether she would continue her journey in the project. However, she recovered, regained her strength and appeared in the dress rehearsal, albeit completely unprepared.


"It was difficult to prepare for such circumstances. I studied at night, but I still didn't manage to learn the words completely. You have to give yourself to this song, you have to explode, but I don't give myself and that's my biggest problem. Because if I gave it all, the speakers would explode on stage, the floor would break... I was learning the lyrics and it seems that I remembered everything, but I stood on stage and I realised that I don't know how to do it anymore...", says Dovilė before she goes on stage in the show "knockouts".


This situation will frighten and upset the participant's teacher to no end: 'In the General, she reads the words to such a piece from her phone. It's cruel. This song needs a lot of energy and a lot of explosion, which I think she really has. But there will be only one performance. She has one chance to show what she can do, there will be no more chances, either she will do it or she won't do it", Justinas Jarutis said with concern.


Will the unexpected illness keep Dovilė from showing her best or will these circumstances prevent her dream from coming true again and why she couldn't stop shaking after her performance - already tonight, 19:30 on LNK.