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ELITAZ 2024 Launch: Successful Filming of "The Voice of Lithuania. Generations" and Hosting of ITV Festival

On 25-28 March, ELITAZ together with a huge team of industry professionals moved to Klaipėda's Švyturys Arena for the launch of the music project "Lithuanian Voice. Generations" duels, knockouts and cross-fighting rounds were filmed. In the new stages of the project, duos, trios, bands and collectives worked together with the project's teachers, music stars Nomeda Kazlaus, Vaidas Baumila, Ben Aleksandravičius and Gabriele Vilkickyte, to prepare memorable musical performances on the stage, accompanied by the ELITAZ live sound band. In total, more than 80 musical performances were filmed on stage during the filming. Meanwhile, the Klaipėda crowd at the arena had a unique opportunity to be the first to find out the ten contestants who made it to the grand finale of the project, which will take place live at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena on 12 May.

The three days of filming garnered not only a huge local audience but also drew special guests from abroad. As the exclusive representatives of ITV projects in the Baltics, the ELITAZ team orchestrated a mini ITV festival, offering an insightful glimpse into the latest ITV trends and formats.

The three days of filming were attended not only by a large audience, but also by special guests from abroad. The ELITAZ team, as the only representatives of ITV projects in the Baltics, organised a mini ITV festival, presenting the latest ITV trends and formats.

The accompanying conference featured in-depth discussions on global trends in the sports and entertainment industry, the nuances of The Voice international format across diverse markets, and the unveiling of the latest ITV formats set to grace television screens later this year.

ELITAZ continues to elevate the entertainment industry by setting new standards and fostering innovation, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in television production.