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The winner of the eighth season of the Voice of Lithuania is Meidė Šlamaitė from Tauragė


The grand final of the eighth season of the Voice of Lithuania project took place this evening on LNK TV. The finalists of the teams of Justinas Jarutis, Monika Liu, Donatas Montvydas and Monique - Artūras, Vaida, Liepa and Meidė - competed for the title of the winner.


Throughout the week, the newly released finalists' singles with Universal Music gathered views on Youtube, which resulted in 25% viewer votes in the final votes table. When these views were added together, Meidė started the final with 29%, Vaida 20%, Artūras 21% and Liepa 30%. All four finalists appeared on stage twice - for a solo performance and for the first time in a duet with their teacher.


During the final, the results of the public vote were constantly changing. Liepa, who was at the bottom of the table for most of the final, saw her votes rise after a heartfelt speech by her teacher Donatas Montvydas, who expressed his disappointment that Lithuania does not vote for the biggest talents, and she made it through to the super final. Liepa was joined by Monique's team finalist Meide, who was among the leaders throughout the show.


In the first round of voting, Liepa got 28,6% (10 242 votes), Meide 29,1% (10 734 votes), Artūras 18% (6250 votes) and Vaida 24,4% (9442 votes). In addition to these final percentages, 25% accounted for views of their singles on the Youtube platform.


 During the Super Final, all four finalists presented their latest singles on stage for the first time, but only Liepa, with "Truputį", and Meidė, with "Monstras", were left to compete for the winner's title, fifteen thousand euros and a contract with Universal Music. All their previous votes were nullified and the audience had just a few minutes to decide which of the girls would be the winner of the project.


After the super-final voting was suspended, the final results were announced - the winner was 18-year-old Meidė Šlamaitė from Tauragė. During the super final, Liepa received 6309 votes and Meidė received 11 477 votes.


The winner did not hide her joy and tears, but did not mince words: "I don't know how I feel now. I don't know what I feel like, I don't know how I feel, I don't know how I feel."


"I saw in her eyes all the time a great desire to win. Maybe more so to conquer her monsters and her fears and her challenges. And she did it. I'm glad we came together as a team and she trusted me. Today we have achieved what we needed to achieve", said Monique, Meide's teacher, on stage.