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A fake participant in the last Voice of Lithuania blind auditions


Tonight at 19:30 LNK TV will broadcast the last episode of the blind auditions. Teachers' teams have just a few spots left, but the stage will be filled with an incredible number of deserving contestants who will turn teachers' heads with their voices and make the audience wonder about their life stories.


However, not all performers will want to join the teachers' team. The last show will also feature a performance that has become a tradition in the project, when a performer already well-known to teachers will take the stage. This time it will be KaYra, the project's new reporter. Every year these "participants" face a real challenge - they have already earned their place on the music scene and have thousands of fans in Lithuania, so the excitement to see if they will be able to turn the tables on the teachers this time too is especially high.


But in this programme, it's the teachers themselves who have to worry. They will be trying to get the strongest contestants and prevent their colleagues from doing the same. With the strong male vocals we have been waiting for all season, a special battle will be fought for one of the final contestants in the blind auditions. After the first performance, the teachers will dare to name this voice as the future winner.


"Clicking this block is not the kind of recognition for me as a teacher that it is for you as a participant. It means that some teacher is very afraid that you will potentially come to my team and win this project. I'm very disappointed about that because we were all waiting for the bees this season, and after what we heard, all four of us turned around. I have no doubt that you will be in the final," Donatas Montvydas, who will be facing a talented singer who already knows the stage very well, will not hide his disappointment after receiving the "block" button from his teacher.


To everyone's surprise, the boy will admit that he has been writing his own songs for many years and, persuaded by his teachers, he will perform a sensitive song of his own creation, taking a seat at the keyboard of one of the musicians of the project.


"When you do your own songs, you sound even different, even better. Not everyone gets the chance to have two performances in one show. And this second one definitely surpassed the first. I can only say VAU", - Donatas Montvydas will not hide his admiration for the young participant's talent. He will be echoed by the other teachers of the project, who will admit that a song that is performed on stage simply must be released.


Whose team will be chosen by this guy who has amazed all the teachers, and which contestants will make the teachers show their talent on stage more than once - already tonight, at 19:30, in the last show of the Blind Auditions on LNK.