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This Sunday, the Voice of Lithuania. Asta Pilypaitė and Linas Zareckas - Choro's daughter.



This Sunday at 19:30 on LNK we will see "Lietuvos balsas. Children", the second show of this season. Twelve contestants will be ready to storm the stage with their unique performances. The three teachers Donatas Montvydas, Mantas Jankavičius and Monika Marija will be looking forward to the show and will choose which participant should be on their team.


Among the twelve children who will not stand still, Rūta, the fourteen-year-old offspring of well-known people in the music world, will make her debut. The daughter of Asta Pilypaitė and Linas Zareckas - Choros is ready to prove to the whole of Lithuania and her teachers that she can achieve her dream on the music scene on her own, and that music is her true life path.


"I always wanted to be a singer. I've always wanted music in my life. I would never want to lose it because it would be very difficult. I have been singing since I was a baby," says Rūta.


Rūta's mother, Asta, says that she noticed her daughter's talent and ear for music at an early age: "I could see right away that she was getting into the rhythm, singing to the notes, even though she wasn't even speaking yet. She was two years old. Not everyone could hit it like that before speaking. And she could hit even the difficult songs."


But before she makes her first debut on the music and TV scene, Rūta will admit that her mother doesn't always help her to calm down. As she takes her first steps into the world of entertainment, Asta is even more nervous than her daughter, remembering her own early career.


"Mum is actually usually more nervous than me. I just try to relax and then I'm not so scared of the cameras. I always smile and everything is fine," she says with a laugh.


"I think that right now we need to give her as much singing as possible, because maybe she'll "pay it forward" and won't want to sing anymore, because it's not an easy road, it's a road with a payoff. But if you sing from the heart, you have a big return from the audience, from the listener, and that is wonderful. That is what I wish for her", says Asta Pilypaitė.


Coming from a musical family, Rūta herself says she is her parents' "golden mean": "My dad is a drummer, so I inherited rhythm from him. I got my voice from my mum, she's more lyrical, and my dad started out playing metal, then rock, and I played everything: lyrics, pop, rock. But I'm more like my dad."


The young debutante is simply made for the stage: "One of my biggest hobbies is acting. I've been doing it since kindergarten and now I go to a studio that has become my favourite place. I am a well-rounded stage person."


In addition to all the activities she performs on stage, Rūta is, according to her mother, a young climate change activist. She is always aware of what is happening in the world, how the changing climate is being combated and is a strong advocate for the protection of nature.


"I'm not allowed to take plastic bags in shops. They tell me to use as little plastic as possible. Ecology is also very important to her. Sometimes she even starts to panic that we will all die if we do nothing," says Asta about her daughter's passion not only for music but also for nature.


But will the young daughter of the performers manage to preserve not only nature, but also her place in "Lietuvos balsas. Children" project, you will see this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.

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