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"Voice of Lithuania. Santa, six years old, who debuts today at the second season premiere: "Don't be angry men, but I choose Monika Marija"

Today at 19.30 LNK starts with the highly anticipated "Lietuvos hlasas. Children" second season. Eleven contestants from the blind auditions are ready to reveal themselves on stage and to get that powerful push of the button, which depends on Donatas Montvydas, Monika Maria and Mantas Jankavičius sitting in the teachers' chairs.


The sincerity of the children will win over the audience. They do not know how to hide their desires and emotions, they say what they think. The youngest participant of the project, Santa, who radiates sincerity and openness, will surely captivate the hearts of the whole Lithuania this evening.


"I'm smart, brave, never nervous, always smiling, always cheerful, happy wherever I go, and I do everything perfectly. I infect other people with these qualities too. Sometimes I feel like a queen", is how the six-year-old girl introduces herself.


Her mother also speaks of her strong character: 'I called her my warrior princess from an early age. If she said it, you know she wouldn't change her mind. If she's stubborn, she'll do it one hundred per cent."


She will not hide her love affairs at all on the show. "I have a boyfriend. His name is Ned. I like him very much. I just don't know how old he is, he's still small," she confesses to Karolina Meschino, the project reporter and darling of the participants, whose interview with the little participant you can see in the video.


In addition to her charismatic qualities, she has a unique voice that will captivate both the audience and the teachers tonight.


"Your voice sounds very interesting. If I didn't know you, I'd say you were a bit hoarse. But that's also a great beauty", Donatas Montvydas commented on her performance. The owner of an exceptional voice timbre will assure you that this is her natural voice and she is definitely not hoarse.


Her sincerity allows her to reveal even her personal secrets on stage: "I really wanted to go to the Voice of Lithuania. I realised that you have to try hard, show a smile, your teeth fall out, trust yourself and do everything perfectly. I start having fun and shaking so I don't worry. This helps me to deal with the excitement."


With these stage secrets, little Santa will take to the stage and win the hearts of the teachers. Unfortunately, not quite the ones she wanted.


"Don't be angry, men, but I choose Monika", the girl screams after leaving Donatas and Mantas on the ice on stage. When asked who she would choose between the two men, Monika said: "I still choose Monica. I like her the best".


The reason why the girl will cause a wave of laughter in the Siemens Arena is that Monika Marija will not even have pressed the button and, according to the rules, the participant will not be able to choose her. Meanwhile, Donatas and Mantas will get down on their knees, creep towards the participant and try to convince the little girl in every possible way that they are also great teachers and that even if she doesn't want to, she will have to choose one of them.


Will she succumb to the persuasions of Santa's teachers and what will make this exceptional contestant so captivate the hearts of all the viewers, you will be able to see tonight at 19:30 on LNK.


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