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"Voice of Lithuania. Children" premiere, the future influencer will teach the country how to be happy


This Sunday, the Voice of Lithuania. Children", the first blind auditions of this season. Eleven contestants are ready to prove that they can move with their voices just as much as adults. Monika Marija, Donatas Montvydas and Mantas Jankavičius, who are in the teachers' chairs, are looking forward to the performances of the growing goddesses of the music world.


Among the many children with impressive vocals, there is one real positivity bomb - Barbora Žižytė, who came to this project to show herself and reveal her best qualities. "I want to test myself, to show what I can do and what I am capable of, how I can spread myself. I want to see how I will do on a stage of this size in front of a live audience, because it's a completely different feeling than singing at home in front of a camera," says Barbora.


There's a reason why she talks about singing on camera. The young singer is already well versed in social networks and knows how to use them to publicise herself as a future music star. The 13-year-old posts videos of herself singing on her Instagram account, where she has more than a thousand followers. Barbora has even set a specific day and a name for these videos and hopes that her followers will increase significantly after the project.


"I film covers every Friday. I call these days "Barbdays". I play a song and start dancing and singing to it. My followers like these videos and I like to share my music with others. In general, I like to be around people, to be noticed, to show myself, to stand out, to be noticed," says Barbora, who has known since she was a little girl how to use social networks for her future music career.


When asked what others think of her singing, Barbora confidently says that her friends praise her vocals, which is why she thinks she must have a really good voice herself. Barbora's mother, Jurgita, also speaks about her talent for singing: "She loves the stage, she loves what she does and she wants to share her joy and love with everyone."


The mother of a participant also talked about her daughter's incredible positivity, where she never loses her smile and good mood, even in the face of severe adversity.


"She always does very well. She is never even in a bad mood. I remember once, on her way home from school the day before our trip, she fell and broke her arm. We were thinking how she will be on that trip... There will be a tragedy, she will be all unhappy and unhappy and she will be in pain. In fact, it was the best trip we had. Barbara did not show any negative emotion at all. She just glowed, she took in the whole of Paris", says Barbora's mother Jurgita.


On Sunday's show, Barbora will also infect the host Rolandas Mackevičius with her positivity, and he will even learn how to be expressively happy. Whether the practice in front of the camera, the constant positivity and self-confidence will help Barbora to fulfil her performance on stage and what other voices the second season of the project will surprise with, will be seen already this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.


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