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"Voice of Lithuania. Monica Maria's triumph at the premiere of "Children": even those who didn't turn her down want to choose her


After the live battles of the seventh season of the Voice of Lithuania were moved to May, this Sunday, three weeks earlier than planned, the Voice of Lithuania will start on LNK TV. Children" project. The second season promises to bring all Lithuanian families back to the screens and the participants to prove that they can make this project the most watched in the country for the second year in a row.


Already in the first edition of the Blind Auditions, Donatas Montvydas, Mantas Jankavičius and Monika Marija, sitting in the teachers' chairs, will face a real battle for the incredible voices and the contestants who have captured the hearts of the whole arena. But with the first contestants, tensions will grow among the teachers, most of whom will only want to be on Monica Maria's team.


"I'm very excited and even a little scared to turn my nose up, so I try to keep myself on the ground. I'm happy that so many talented kids choose me, it means they trust me, they know I can give them something. I really think that the fact that my team's Milėja won last year is also an influence on these participants. And I know that no matter how far my participants go in this project, we will continue to communicate, work and help each other. After all, this project is about joy, positivity and the love of music. And their performances are truly incredible. The pieces I heard performed from my own repertoire were very strong and on par with my own performances", says Monika Marija, delighted with the participants' voices and performances on stage.


Mantas Jankavičius could not help but be impressed by Monika Maria's popularity among the participants. What shocked the teacher the most was that there were some participants who chose his competitor even when she was the only one whose chair did not turn around.


"Monika Marija is really kicking Donatas and me in the bones. I'm not surprised, she looks spectacular, the kids love her, she's very talented and the kids know she won't break up with her. I think her biggest trump card is that she's a girl, I think it's easier for kids to get along with girls. I obviously do not like that very much. Even the girl who was the only one who wasn't turned away by Monica Maria decided to choose her! And she didn't want to go to me or to Donata at all. How can that be? But I am certainly not going to fold my arms. I'll be in over my head, I'll try to persuade them, I'll try to bribe them with everything I can," says Mantas, who is not going to give up and will use all his acting skills to get the best votes in the first show.


Donatas Montvydas is also convinced that Monika Marija is the most serious competitor of the second season. In the first episode, the teacher will be trying to persuade the children to join his team. He will even have to perform acrobatic tricks on stage. And the teachers will laugh that the children only choose him as a "consolation" prize when their beloved teacher doesn't turn up.


"Thanks to the Voice of Lithuania, Monika Marija has built up a huge fan base and she deserves it 100%. At the very beginning, Mantas and I just watched and rolled our eyes, knowing that if we didn't try harder, all the participants would just go to Monika Marija until there were no more spots left on her team. We couldn't help laughing when the youngest participant in the project furiously picked Monika Maria in the first show, even though she didn't even turn around. She practically did her own stand-up on stage, as if she was running the whole event. It took a lot of persuasion to make her realise that she had to choose either me or Mantas," says Donatas Montvydas about the curious situations of the first show and the triumph of Monika Maria.


The first edition of "Lietuvos hlasas. Children" this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.