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Simona Nainės' baptism son follows in her footsteps - will make his stage debut this Sunday


Last Sunday's successful launch of "Voice of Lithuania. Children" second season, once again brought the whole Lithuania to the screens. The impressive voices of the little participants and the unbridled emotions of the little ones will be on the LNK TV airwaves this Sunday. The baptism son of the well-known singer, businesswoman and social networking star Simona Nainės, Kipras, will also appear on the show.


Thirteen-year-old Kipras already knows the world of music and shows well. A couple of years ago, the boy and Simona Naine made their first foray onto the TV stage together in a duet project. Simona, who has been teaching her sister's son to sing since the age of two, also supported the boy during the blind auditions, but this Sunday will be the first time that Kipras himself will be on the TV stage as a soloist.


"It's my biggest dream right now to be part of the Voice and to see how things work here. I really want to go all the way. I like the feeling that you are doing something good not only for yourself but also for others", says the participant.


Kipras reveals that his godmother introduced him not only to the world of music. He has already tried his hand at the film industry.


"I've done the soundtrack for the film 'Mia and the White Lion'. It was a very special experience, it was my first time, it was fun and strange at the same time. Not only did I have to record a lot of conversations, but also sound effects. I had to record breathing, laughter. I had also been in a film a few years ago, and I spent the whole summer in front of the camera then. I think it was really worth it, all the kids don't really get the chance to do that," says Kipras about his experience in the film world.


Although it was Kipras' own idea to take part in the project, he assures that his godmother supported him from the first moment and encouraged him to try out his new role. The boy openly admits that his relationship with Simona is particularly close.


"We are true friends. We spend a lot of time together. She's a very cool person, she and I are very similar: we listen to the same music, we're stubborn, and if we set a goal, we'll definitely achieve it. Although I don't know yet what I want to be when I grow up, I know that like her I would like to do something on the creative side", says Kipras.


Whether the vocal lessons and experience in the world of music and entertainment of his godmother Simona Naine will help Kipras to turn around at least one of his teachers' chairs, will be shown this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.