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The second international MMA tournament BLADE FIGHTS took place in Klaipėda's Švyturys arena

This Saturday Klaipėda's Švyturys Arena was buzzing with the excitement of the second international mixed martial arts tournament BLADE FIGHTS. The promise of the organisers to keep the high bar of fights, musical show and broadcast art was fulfilled once again. The audience was able to enjoy the skill of the fighters at the highest level, the amazing show of Anyanya and the other performers and, of course, the unrivalled broadcast of the event. World-famous athletes from different countries demonstrated "the best versions of themselves" in the ring, hardly snatching honourable victories, and their fierce fights were watched by a large number of Klaipėda residents, guests of the port city and, of course, the celebrities of the sporting and entertainment world who graced the VIP box with their attention.


The dynamics of the fight was as follows: first in the ring met Klaipėda's Martynas Danius and Christopher Thierry Walter from France. It was a super kickboxing style fight in the under 66 kg weight category. After three difficult rounds, the referee decided to give an extra round to find out the winner. However, due to an injury sustained by the Lithuanian fighter, the doctors decided not to allow Martynas Danis to continue the fight and the victory went to Christopher Thierry Wallter.


In the second ranked MMA bout, Ariston Barbosa de Franca (Brazil) and Agshin Alim Oglu Babaev (Azerbaijan) met in the 66 kg weight category. It was a ranked MMA fight in the weight category up to 66 kg, the winner of which was to get the chance to fight for the BLADE FIGHTS MMA-66 kg world champion belt at the next tournament. The outcome of this fight was unexpected - in the first round, in a fierce fight at the ropes, the referee separated the fighters, and the Azerbaijani representative, not satisfied with the referee's decision and claiming that a knockout had taken place, refused to continue the fight. The judges decided to keep the fight not happening.


Guilherme Cadena Martins from Brazil fought his countryman Joel Rodrigo Avalo Santos in a preliminary bout for the BLADE FIGHTS MMA-77 kg Grand Prix in the under 77 kg category, the fight ended with a technical knockout and the belt went to Joel Rodrigo Avalo Santos.


Deividas Danyla from Kaunas met Miguel Trindade from Portugal in the ring. It was a super fight in Muay Thai style with small gloves in the weight category up to 66 kg. After three rounds, the fight was won by the judges' decision. Miguel Angelo Trindade.


In the last bout, the winner of the first tournament Žygimantas Ramaška from Ukmergis fought Samuel Blasco (Cameroon/Spain) in a super fight in the MMA weight category up to 70 kg. Before the end of the first round, the Lithuanian Žygimantas Ramaška pulled off a spectacular victory by knocking out his opponent.


The success of the tournament was undoubtedly due to the participation of world-famous stars - host Aidan'as Power'is and commentator for the FITE.tv audience Nick Halling . In the breaks between the fights, there was live music performed by the ELITAZ music group (leader Julius Valančiauskas).  


BLADE FIGHTS Association, in cooperation with the House of Creativity ELITAZ, plans to hold a third tournament in late autumn.


Photographer - Eimantas Paulauskas