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"Lietuvos hlasas after the grand finale at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena: voting results and special news


This Sunday, Kaunas Žalgiris Arena hosted the spectacular jubilee final of the tenth season of Voice of Lithuania, which was broadcast to more than half a million viewers. The broadcast was also preceded by the Delfi red carpet event, which was watched live online by more than 33,000 viewers. During the evening, Lithuania chose the winner, Anyanya Udungwo, a Nigerian who spent his life in Ukraine before the war. He won not only the winner's title, but also a cash prize of €15,000 from LNK and a contract with Uiversal Music.


During the four-hour show, the audience voted in two rounds. The first round saw four super-finalists chosen from the ten who appeared on stage. They were Anyanya with 12 202 votes, Sid with 11 768 votes, Vakarė with 5532 votes and Beata Beatričė with 5377 votes. The other finalists received the following votes: Orestes - 4854 votes, Elze - 2619 votes, Aurimas and David - 2459 votes, Maximiliano - 1719 votes, Kasparas - 1096 votes, Gabrielė and Sims - 805 votes.


In the Superfinal, the votes were cancelled and the audience voted again for Anyanya, Sida, Beata Beatrice and Vakarė. After a dynamic change of votes, the final results were as follows: Anyanya - 21 214 votes, Sid - 17 166 votes, Vakare - 3567 votes, Beata Beatrice - 1505 votes. The transparency of the voting during the evening was ensured by the audit company Grant Thornton Baltic.


Anyanya, the winner of the tenth season of "The Voice of Lithuania", together with the entire ELITAZ production team, is already preparing for his first winner's performance - the performer will put on a spectacular show on 27 May at Klaipėda's Švyturys Arena, where the country's only mixed martial arts tournament "Blade Fights" will take place. 


Meanwhile, the Voice of Lithuania is in a hurry to share one more piece of news - next season, LNK will broadcast the format of the project "Lietuvos balsas. The second season of "Voice of the Generation" will be launched in the new Latvian market.


"Voice of Lithuania. Generations" is a unique format, which was introduced on television only a year ago, where duos, trios, quartets, groups or ensembles, rather than soloists, try to use their voices to turn the chairs of teachers on stage. From children to seniors, participants of all ages can show their voices here. As in the first season, the project invites all relatives, neighbours, colleagues, couples or friends to join together, fill in the participant forms and show their love of music to the whole of Lithuania.


"The time has come to reopen the great Lithuanian voice stage to all generations. I know that there are a lot of people in Lithuania who watched the first season of the generations and were a little sad not to try it. Now is the perfect time to take up the challenge and dive into an unforgettable adventure - grab your younger or older friends or relatives and join us at the auditions. Although the project is going to be grand, places are limited." Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of "Lietuvos balsa", says about the project, urging everyone to fill in the forms on the website lnk.lt


Last year, the first season of the format attracted its biggest audience ever. The winners of the project were the six-girl group "Hey!Mix", who admitted at the time that they had only come to the project to cheer up Lithuania with their performances, and that they did not really expect to win. The teachers of the first season were Vaidas Baumila, Ieva Prudnikovaitė, Benas Aleksandravičius and 69 Danguje. The producers of the project promise to announce soon who will take the four teacher's chairs in the new season.