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"Lithuanians also attended the first meeting of The Voice producers in Paris: they talked about the changes

"The international format of The Voice is being renewed once again. Global innovations include a secret teacher who chooses his team in blind auditions, a new offshoot of the format dedicated exclusively to rap singers who usually struggle to make it to the show's final, and the novelty of radio listeners returning a knocked-out contestant directly to the final. A very interesting synergy between internet and TV is to be implemented this year in Germany. The online version of The Voice rap music is being incorporated into the regular TV season, with the rap singer going straight to the TV finals," says Gediminas Jaunius, the show's producer, who has just returned from an international meeting with The Voice producers in Paris.
For the first time, Lithuanian representatives were invited to participate in a meeting of the major producers of The Voice in Paris, thanks to the success story of the Voice of Lithuania format.
"It's exactly the same when a representative of a small but very successful country is invited to the G7 meeting," smiles Gediminas Jaunius, the producer of LNK's music show "Lietuvos balsas" (The Voice of Lithuania), who has met with the creators of "The Voice" from Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. - The annual creative meeting "The Voice Creative Exchange" is designed to share experiences, discuss what can be improved and updated in the format".
"The Voice creators were interested in our experience - Lithuania was the first country in the world to implement the new format "Lietuvos Hlas. Generations". It was popular in Lithuania and LNK is preparing to broadcast the second "Lietuvos Hlas. Kartos' second season, and our experience was interesting for Finland, which is still planning to start filming Kartas," says G. Jaunius.
According to G. Jaulius, the French had a very interesting experience of filming "The Voice" in different regions of the country - France is preparing to do it for the first time, while "The Voice of Lithuania" has been touring the country's arenas for five years.
The producers of "The Voice" are impressed by how a high-level show is filmed in Lithuania with a modest budget compared to the world's shows", - G. Jaunius shared his experience.
"The Voice format, while constantly changing, remains popular and relevant worldwide. For example, 28 seasons of The Voice have been filmed in the US. It is considered the world's most successful television franchise, with 150 sold worldwide. The show is produced in 73 countries and has spawned six new offshoots of The Voice for children, teenagers, seniors, rap singers, generations and stars who have already been on the show. In 2023, The Voice will be shown for the first time in Iran and Japan. The first season of The Voice rap is produced in Turkey.
LNK celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Voice of Lithuania this year, and the winner of the anniversary season was Nigerian singer Anyanya Udongwo. The new season will see the return of the much-loved Voice of Lithuania. Generations".
We're thrilled to announce that our Chief Producer, Gediminas Jaunius, and Director of The Voice, Tomas Skamarocius, recently took part in The Voice Creative Exchange held in Paris. This conference brought together top producers from various markets. Gediminas Jaunius had the honour of introducing the world's first spinoff of 'The Voice Generations' and shared plans for its second edition. The seminar provided a fantastic opportunity for everyone to exchange unique ideas and insights for their upcoming productions.
"We had the opportunity to share our thoughts with creative individuals from 73 countries who produce The Voice format worldwide. It was fascinating to see how the format is adapted in different ways in various countries. The exchange of ideas was powerful, and we gained new perspectives on how to enhance and adjust The Voice format to current trends. In the upcoming season, we're making significant changes to make the show even more appealing and unforgettable for our fans," said Tomas Skamarocius.
We take pride in being part of such an innovative community and eagerly anticipate future events where we can continue to share our experiences and learn from others.