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"Voice of Lithuania. T3 wins "Generations": €15,000 prize and new star teacher revealed

On Sunday, the Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas hosted the big "Lietuvos balsas. Generations" climax - the live final of the show. Nine finalists fought for the prize money of fifteen thousand euros, and together with the project team, they prepared spectacular musical and visual shows for the final night.

Even before the final, invited guests started to arrive at the Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas to watch the decisive round of the "Voice of Lithuania. Generation" fight. A bunch of famous people posed on the red carpet - not only the teachers and participants of the project, but also famous performers, producers and other faces of the entertainment world.

Nine contestants fought it out for the €15,000 prize money in the final, and it was a fierce battle. At the end of the night, the intrigue was revealed, with T3 emerging as the winners. 39.1% of the audience voted for them. The second place in the super-final went to Fuzija (30,1 %), the third to Emilia and Rugila (23,4 %) and the fourth to Erica Jennigs and Pranas (7,4 %).

Even before the final, it was announced that Ben Aleksadravičius' team would be going into the final without one duo - it was announced that the twin brothers Timohi would not be in the final.

"On 9 May, the values of one of the finalists were revealed, which are fundamentally at odds with our creative team's approach to fundamental issues of statehood. For this reason, we have decided to "Lietuvos balsas. Generations" final, we did not give the right to perform to the group TIMOHI. The contestants' competition numbers remain unchanged", - informed the project's chief producer Gediminas Jaunius before the finals

Thus, Ben Aleksandravičius' team was represented in the final by the youth alternative music group Fuzija and the duo of Erica Jennings and her son Pranos. Gabrielė Vilkickytė entered the final with two family duos, Dalia and Julius Kūjelių and Lietuvos balsas. The duo of the winner of the "Voice of the Seniors" project Antanas Gaudiešius and his daughter Gabrielė. Vaidas Baumila had the largest number of finalists with four: the duet of Emilija and Rugilė, the duet of the violinists Voiceless and Kristina Jure, the duet of the opera soloists Mindaugas and Osvaldas, and the duet of the Italian Norberto and the Lithuanian actress Tekle. Meanwhile, Nomeda Kazlaus came to the final with her only participants, the boy band T3, whom she called the most deserving to win the title from the very beginning.

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During the evening, the participants surprised the audience with spectacular shows, unheard interpretations of Lithuanian songs and unexpected guests during the performance - four other members of the musical family joined Dalia and Julius Kūjelių in their show, singing the legendary song "Strazdas" by Aistė Smilgevičiūtė, which was accompanied by an impressive laser show. At the same time, the opera soloists Osvaldas and Mindaugas were accompanied by not only a quartet of four double basses, but also the avant-pop singer and musician Monikaze, who brought the whole arena to its feet and unexpectedly changed the style of the song in the middle of the show. More than fifty performers and professional dancers also helped all the finalists to create exceptional shows.

After the first vote for all ten finalists, it became clear who Lithuania supported the most - T3, Fuzija, Emilija and Rugilė, and Erica Jennings and her son Pranas got the most votes and made it to the super-finals. Immediately afterwards, voting for the superfinalists started again.

During the evening, the intrigue was also supported by the host Rolandas Mackevičius, who revealed the teachers of the new season of Voice of Lithuania one by one. The new teachers were a surprise for the presenter himself as well - the producers' idea was to call the teachers on the phone and only together with the whole of Lithuania he found out who will take the teacher's chairs in the new season. It turned out that Mantas Jankavičius, Benas Aleksandravičius, Gabrielė Vilkickytė and Jessica Shy will be the teachers in the new season.