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Wondermaze Affair - an event that raises the bar for experiences to the highest heights

Wondermaze Affair

For the second time, aviation giants FL Technics have entrusted ELITAZ Creative House with the organisation of the final evening of MRO BEER, one of the world's largest aviation exhibitions.

On 26 June, the much anticipated WonderMaze Affair took place, bringing together almost 100 talented performers and artists to create a spectacle for 800 guests from all over the world that will never let them forget Vilnius.

In the unique AeroCity space, which accommodates a Bombardier CRJ 200 business class aircraft, we created a mysterious labyrinth of events and experiences, where every corner and every room told intriguing gossip and legends of Vilnius, awakening all the guests' senses. Guests watched, listened, felt, tasted and experienced what Vilnius should be proud of. We had a clear goal - to show an unseen, intriguing side of Vilnius and to create at least a hundred reasons to come back again and again.

We welcomed our guests in two unique spaces - the Blue Garden, where the SPACES installation of a spectacular fountain was the highlight, and the labyrinthine Aerocity building. It was here that the memorable spaces were housed, each representing a different side of our city, a rumour or a legend.

In the magical ZAPPA GARDEN, we paid tribute not only to Vilnius, considered one of the greenest cities in Europe, but also to the legendary singer Frank Zappa, whose music transformed the green garden into a psychedelic space and the enchantingly beautiful fairies of the ŠOK ŠOK collective into neon goddesses.

The authentic FOLK MEETS SPIRITS bar paid tribute to real Lithuanian drinks and culinary heritage, where the famous Ensemble Lietuva revealed the deep history of our country's folklore.

In the dark HAUNTED LEGEND room, we invited guests with a taste for spicy sensations. Here, in total darkness, professional dancers together with the world-famous multi-instrumentalist Valdas Petreikis recreated the creepy story of the mysterious Vilnius dungeons and the Basilisk.

In the pink BEETROOT HIDEAWAY room, we paid tribute to the cold burgers festival that makes Vilnius famous in Europe and allowed you to playfully taste this dish in the most bizarre textures and shapes.

In the QUIRKY VILNIUS space, we also gave a glimpse into the once mischievous and sinful Vilnius and the secrets of its streets, by creating a red club, where Nijinsky cabaret masters shared their exclusive experiences.

During the evening, the most talented actors and performers brought to life the historical characters who became the guides of the whole event, allowing the history of Vilnius to be seen and heard through their eyes. Monika Dirsytė, a master of percussion, dancers from the Baltic Ballet Theatre, Ensemble Lietuva with dancers and choristers at the forefront, burlesque masters, opera and pop professionals, acrobats, musicians and actors created unforgettable spectacles, revealing what a colourful, talented and full of mysteries Vilnius is.