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Sipavičius on the bright memory of Miščiukaitė: looking at her on stage, you could feel that there was a devil sitting inside



In the last show of the musical talk show "Dream Duets" Egidijus Sipavičius will perform a duet with the singer Janina Miščiukaite. The singer says that this duet is a tribute to the singer, who is both a very important part of Lithuanian musical history and a woman with a very special, non-Lithuanian temperament who inspired him. 

According to Sipavičius, he has been guided to his musical path by a series of coincidences, for which he feels very grateful: "Life on stage is full of joy. It's a joy to be on stage, sometimes it's hard to get to the stage, but when you're on stage, you're in another dimension."

At the beginning of his career, he was greatly influenced by the Oktava orchestra, one of whose soloists was Janina Miščiukaitė: Oktava's arrangements were the best, it had the best musicians, and it toured abroad. It was considered to be representative and at a very good musical level."




After the song "Senas tėvo violike" (Old Father's Fiddle) by E. Sipavičius together with J. Miščiukaite, the final show of "Dream Duets" will feature four more duets by Lithuanian artists. Monika Linkytė will sing a duet with a British pop singer who inspires her and gives her strength when she goes on stage.

Justinas Lapatinskas will appear on air with another one of Lithuania's legendary performers and talk about the significance of his career.



Erica Jennings will bring the audience back to the music of today and talk about what has helped her survive the difficulties of the last few years. Akvilė Matukaitė, a member of VIG Roses, will close the show and the whole project with a spectacular duet with the world-famous pop singer.


The music project "Dream Duets" is nearing the finish line - this Saturday, 9pm, on LRT TELEVISION and LRT.lt. All programmes after the premiere can be watched on In the LRT media centre.