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"Tech Top 2022: an interactive tech show, musical premieres and a never-before-seen presenter duo - tonight at 19.30 on LNK

Be the first to find out who won and who got the most votes from the audience and the jury at the National Tech Awards Tech Top 2022! On Tuesday evening, the biggest tech show in Lithuania will invite you to a breathtaking odyssey, during which the hosts of the event, illusionist Rokas Bernatonis and Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, will travel together through realities that definitely exist beyond the boundaries of our Universe! During the event, you will not only learn about the most important innovations in the world of technology and have the opportunity to take part in the awards ceremony, but also be delighted by the interactivity, unexpected solutions, and the impressive performances of performers such as Mantas Jankavičius, Justinas Jarutis, Monika Liu, Rūta Ščiogolevaitė and Gabrielius Vagelis, accompanied by a wide range of special effects at the annual festival. 


The starting point for the 8th National Tech Awards Tech Top 2022 is the symbol of infinity, a reminder of eternal values, and one in particular: creativity. The Tech Top 2022 Awards therefore invite you to celebrate the creative person. Aren't continuous learning, broad horizons, unbridled curiosity and unconditional creativity key ingredients in today's world of technology (and beyond)? Interestingly, this year Tech Top will invite the audience to participate in an interactive process, where the audience can influence the course of the event. It is they who will decide what magic trick R. Bernatonis will perform, or how I. Kavaliauskaitė will be able to catch her breath in the middle of the award ceremony. Those who actively participated in the Tech Top 2022 voting should be especially attentive this evening, as they will be in for a pleasant surprise on LNK - a real rain of prizes. 


"Every time we create the National Tech Awards Tech Top, we set ourselves bigger and bigger creative challenges. To achieve this goal, we have assembled a youthful and energetic team. Today's most exciting artists will be showcased to their fans in new memorable ampluaand you'll recognise the language of social media in music performances. There will be two musical premieres during the event: the latest song by Mantas Jankavičius will be accompanied by a video performance directed by Oskaras Stirna, and Rūta Ščiogolevaitė's most famous hit "Paskutinis šokis" will be given a contemporary twist by the awards' music editor Julius Valančauskas and music producer Paulius Vaicekauskas. The looks of the stars taking part in the show will not be forgotten either - stylist Milda Metlovaitė has been the style queen of the creative team for many years. As you know, her name is associated with a bright, unforgettable and exclusive image of the show", - G. Jaunius reveals the behind-the-scenes of the event. 


"Technological progress is impossible unless it is in the hands of creative people. Rapidly evolving technology offers ever more opportunities to create. It is true that there are those who fear that artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies will take away jobs, but I believe that no one will ever take away the job of a creative person - no artificial intelligence will ever be able to do it. That is why it is so important to invest in the creativity of future generations, so that young people can grow up with the continuous development of creative muscle", says illusionist Rokas Bernatonis, one of the hosts of Tech Top 2022.


Given the current times, the theme of savings will feature prominently in the awards. Viewers will have the opportunity to hear about technologies and innovations that save energy, the environment and personal time. "Technology gives us extra minutes every day to relax and connect with our loved ones. For me, it's an extra minute to enjoy a bath as a robot pump shuffles around the house. A smart kitchen is a board game with my children. A smart washing machine - a longer bedtime story and more pages of an interesting book to read. A smart phone - more and more beautiful moments captured. A better TV - a private home cinema session. Smart kitchen helpers - a cosy evening at home with friends. I love people and I love my home, so its doors are always open to innovation and when it arrives, it gives me extra minutes in my busy schedule every time. And after these awards, I myself will probably be writing a letter to Santa immediately," says Indrė Kavaliauskaitė with a laugh.

Infinity is not just about infinite human creativity. According to scientists, there are likely to be infinite parallel universes. Some universes are similar or even identical to ours, others are very different. The eighth edition of the Tech Top 2022 National Tech Awards will tell the story of what it would be like if presenters had a device that allowed them to travel between different universes or invite guests from elsewhere. Andrius Užkalnis, Agnė Jagelavičiūtė, Lukas Gricius, Rimvydas Širvinskas-Makalius, Laurynas Zmejauskas-Safas, Liutauras Čeprackas, Asta Žukaitė-Nalivaikienė, and the young technology enthusiasts Gailė and Miglė Rusteikaitė.


Another interactive moment is that during the broadcast, viewers will cast their votes to decide who will receive this year's "Nation of the Year" nomination. This year's awards, organised by TOPO CENTRAS, the largest home appliances and electronics retailer, include 37 categories. These include the Nation's Brand, Lithuanian Technical Achievement, Innovative Product of the Year and others. Based on the criteria of functionality, ease of use, innovativeness, design quality, sustainability and other criteria, TOPO CENTRAS experts have selected up to 10 products from different manufacturers for each category, which have the greatest potential to become the best appliances of 2022 in Lithuania and worldwide. Please note that people's votes make up half of the total nomination score. The rest of the votes in the Tech Top 2022 Awards are determined by the jury's vote.


The 8th National Technical Awards "Tech Top 2022" are tonight at 19:30 on LNK.