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"Tech Top 2022 breakfast: celebrities vote for the best tech of the year.

Andrius Užkalnis, a journalist interested in the functions of a smart refrigerator, Šarūnas Tamulis, a technology expert researching outdoor barbecues and grills, Gediminas Jaunius, a producer testing the possibilities of smart TVs, Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, a TV presenter and an opinion leader who examines the innovations in the coffee machine industry and judges all technological objects primarily by their appearance - these are just a few of the famous people who were on hand to see on October 14. The jury members of the Tech Top 2022 national tech awards met at the Tech Top 2022 jury meeting.



"This year, 15 members of the jury - technology academics Tomas Proscevičius and Vaidotas Vaišis - took part in the Tech Top 2022 breakfast and cast their vote for the best technology of the year. Vidmantas Tomkus, Vidmantas Janulevičius, Aurelijus Rusteika, Remigijus Štaras, Mindaugas Glodas, and LNK's commercial manager Tomas Bartininkas. Gediminas Jaunius, Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, Vytautas Rumšas, Andrius Užkalnis, Šarūnas Tamulis and Karolis Makrickas. Deivydas Praspaliauskas and Nida Degutienė.



After discussing the technological innovations, seeing them live, feeling them with their hands and listening to the opinions of TOPO CENTRAS experts, the jury members evaluated each device, appliance or innovation participating in the awards on a 10-point system, based on its functionality, ease of use, sustainability, innovativeness, design, and its potential to become a very popular product. In fact, several of the jury members attended the Tech Top breakfast virtually and arrived later to see the devices and innovations. It is important to note that the jury's votes represent only half of the total nomination score. The remaining half of the votes in the Tech Top 2022 Awards are determined by the votes of the people, so everyone can still vote and win a TV set by voting in TOPO CENTRAS stores or on the Tech Top voting websites delfi.lt or topocentras.lt until 23 October. 



From breathtaking innovations and wellness products to devices that make everyday life much easier, TVs, laptops and smartphones - the eighth edition of the Tech Top 2022 national technical awards, organised by the largest household appliances and electronics retail chain TOPO CENTRAS, will feature 17 categories, including Brand of the Nation, Lithuanian Technical Achievement, Innovative Product of the Year and others. Based on functionality, ease of use, innovation, design, sustainability and other technical features, TOPO CENTRAS experts and academics have shortlisted up to 10 products from different manufacturers in each category that have the highest potential to become the top products of 2022 worldwide.



The eighth National Technical Awards "Tech Top 2022" will take place on 15 November, 19:30, on LNK.The hosts of this impressive event, Rokas Bernatonis and Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, will be travelling through unimaginary realities that simply MUST exist beyond the fences of our universe. This fantastic odyssey will feature songs by Justinas Jarutis, Monica Liu, Rūta Ščiogolevaitė, BA and other artists, and nominations will be announced by well-known personalities from the business and entertainment worlds and beyond. The show, full of the latest technology, will also reveal who has won the title of "Brand of the Nation".