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Rosita Čivilytė breaks free: "I've had enough!"

Singer Rosita Čivilytė presents today the first single of her new album - "Man gana". The new single may surprise those who are used to hearing Rosita in the pop classical genre. With this new single, the owner of an incredible vocal voice radically changes both her musical style and her image - she reveals another side of herself and says she has finally dared to break free:


"The single "Man gana" is like a continuation of those times when, for some reason, we were not able to share with the audience what was enticing and exciting for us - me, the single's authors Žeraldas and Marija Povilaičius. The quest for perfection, which migrates from one generation to the next, is the biggest constraint for a creator. Imposed or illusionary standards of image, behaviour and musical sensibility prevent one from immersing oneself in the personal relationship between nature and creation. I am glad that nowadays I can finally say "I've had enough" and feel what gives me the adrenaline rush when I sing, what gives me a reason to come to my concerts, what connects us, what separates us. I live a contemporary musical life that is not homogeneous. And I fucking love it."


Žeraldas Povilaitis, the author of the music, says that he has seen in Rosita for a long time what symbolises freedom and change for the singer. The music producer, who has known the singer for many years, says that Rosita has not become different, she has simply stopped relying on the opinions imposed by others:


"Many performers, including Rosita, are shackled by stereotypes that have been imposed on them in one way or another. I think that's the challenge of art - not to stop, not to get stuck in a genre stereotype, but first of all to trust the music itself and to allow yourself to create instead of trying to conform to the already existing templates. After all, the point is neither in the genre nor in the style. The best genre is good music. I wish Rosita to overcome all stereotypes."


Rosita Čivilytė does not hide the fact that at the beginning, the authors of "Man gana", Marija and Žeraldas Povilaičiai, believed in the success of the single much more than she did herself. However, being not only a singer but also a vocal teacher, Rosita says that perhaps the most difficult task for every singer and human being is to believe that, being your true self, you can please someone else. Maybe that's why it all started not with music, but with a conversation: during the first creative session of the album, Rosita met with Marija and Žeraldas and told them about her experiences, her regrets, her hesitations, her reflections. However, this strange encounter was very useful - "I've Had Enough" deals with one of the most intimate and relevant topics for the singer:


"I felt myself during the interview. With all my weaknesses and strengths. The trick was to immerse myself in what matters most - creating and sharing. We realised that the simple human liberation from fears is the luxury of feeling like yourself. This has always been fashionable and contemporary, especially now. The text of "I've Had Enough" is as relevant and easy to understand as ever. It is for all of us, not just for me."


Marija Povilaitė, the author of the lyrics to Rosita Čivilytė's songs "Sudėtingo būdo kobieta" (A Woman of Complex Condition) and "Neparduduodu savo laisvės" (I Don't Sell My Freedom) and the lyrics to the song "I've Had Enough" (I've Had Enough), says that the singer's own life story was not necessary for the lyrics of the song, but that she needed no special sources:


"As then, so now - I wrote thinking about Rosita, her life, about the difficult path of a woman's inner freedom from the stereotyped expectations of society. Rosita Čivilytė, like the composer Žeraldas Povilaitis, is one of those uncomfortable people who from an early age are characterised by otherness, talent and courage. We all experience rejection, misunderstanding and belittling in our lives, but there comes a moment when we realise our own worth, regardless of the judgement of others; when we learn to accept ourselves and find peace in being who we are. This is a song about the freedom to be fully yourself and the freedom to create 100% without any excuses. This is a freedom that Rosita's life and heart have long deserved."


Since the authors of "Man gana" live in Latvia, Rosita used to go to Riga to write and record the song. She shares that the distance was not only an inspiration, but also a hindrance - after the quarantine was announced, she had to set up a recording studio at home for a while. Originality and creativity saved the process of creating the single and soon it was back to bohemian nights in Latvia, which allowed the unexpected sound of neo soul and experimental pop to emerge:


"The recording took place on the water, on a barge, in the middle of Riga. As soon as I stepped in, I felt a mild vestibular reaction to the rocking of the rippling water, which I soon got used to. This allowed me to feel an unusual condition during communication and singing. After a few hours of recording, the door opens and there is water." - Rosita shares her impressions.


The water motif is also used in the "I've had enough" video. However, the video does not show a river, but a swimming pool, painted in a minimalist pop and opt art style. Rosita says she chose the animation as another symbol of freedom and newness for herself, as none of her songs have been released with a drawn video before:
"Animated video is an area I haven't tried before. That's why I chose it. I really liked the visual coldness, the minimalist elements of colour, the image of comfort and freedom. It fits perfectly with the song, the text, which warms up with a message about what is most important in realising one's abilities and creating one's true image."


It's easy to see that the vocalist has updated not only her musical style, but also her appearance. Today, she is wearing an urban costume from the Diana Vapsve collection, and her hair and make-up, which have received many compliments on social media, are done by Studio M masters. Milita Daikerytė, the founder of the studio, reminds us that no one should be discouraged by worries about "age-inappropriate" decisions. Rather, any image decisions should be in line with everyone's individual sense of self, disposition, courage. Rosita Čivilytė's new image perfectly matches her inner self - a free, self-discovering, but still ready to innovate, modern personality. Gadiminas Jaunius, the chief producer of ELITAZ Creative House, which represents the singer, has no doubts about the brightness and distinctiveness of the vocal master:


"Rosita Čivilytė is a singer of the highest calibre and an unquestionable vocal authority. It is especially important for our team that we have the opportunity to collaborate with a true legend of the Lithuanian music world. The single "Man gana" will undoubtedly be a significant musical event, I hope, not only in Rosita Čivilytė's career. The brightly coloured, symbol-laden video clip plumbs the depths of the new song. The sound, unusual for Rosita so far, is intriguing and curious, as it is the first single from her upcoming new album."


Although Rosita Čivilytė is not yet shy about the exact number of new songs to be released, she shares that she expects to be able to perform more than one single from the forthcoming album in concerts by the end of autumn. Looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead, the singer makes no secret of the fact that the new album is all about experimentation and liberation, so she can hardly tell what the listener might expect. However, there will definitely be some freedom on the new album: "we don't know how to live any other way. In our creative freedom, we discover something uniquely important." - says Rosita.


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