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Music stars reunited on the set of a '95 film - recreating their look from that era

On 10 November at 19:30, LNK TV will premiere a new musical comedy "Tech Top 2020: Future Charge". The new format film, directed by "Perfect Date" director Roberta Razma, will be set back in the year 95.


More than one music and showbiz star will also have a chance to reminisce about the old days in the film. Arūnas and Inga Valinskai, Žilvinas Žvagulis, Aleksandras Ivanauskas - Fara and Birutė Dambrauskaitė will meet on the film's common stage and reminisce about the old parties at home.  


Arūnas Valinskas, who moved to the period twenty-five years ago, recalled the old times with nostalgia and assured that the environment and the style of the performers were definitely reminiscent of them. However, there was one thing that Valinskas lacked during the filming of the scene: "I missed the youthful exuberance of the old days, because I didn't have enough time. But I have no doubt that if my colleagues and I had sat down longer, we could have made a story worthy of a film of its own."


The musical comedy also starred other well-known faces such as Asta Meschino, Erika Vitulskiene, the bands Rebelheart, ŽAS and Bavarija, Džordana Butkute, KaYra, Justinas Jaručius, Monique, Irma Jurgelevičiūtė, Igor Kof, Liveta Kazlauskienė, Elena Puidokaitė - Atlanta, Andrius Užkalnius, and Skaivai Jasevičičiūtė. The aim of the creative team was to recreate the image of each star twenty-five years ago. Stylist Milda Metlovaitė assures that the task was not easy.

"The most interesting thing is that all fashion goes round in circles, and the style of that period is very similar to today. For example, Asta Meschino sent me a picture of herself from that time and I told her that people are dressed like that now. It was not easy to create a contrast, so the make-up and hair team did a great job here. If the clothes are similar to today, no one does make-up and hairstyles like the ones we recreated in this film anymore," laughs Milda Metlovaitė.


The stylist says that the film was sentimental for the stars and allowed them to step back in time and remember the good old days. Milda laughs that many of the performers were also a bit worried about how they would look, because the style of those times is now just a joke to them.


"I really wanted to hear from the stars themselves that they have at least preserved something from those times. But then again, over the years, artists have changed and the same clothes don't fit anymore. That's why, for example, we have recreated the old look of Jordana from a well-known video clip as it was more than two decades ago. And Liveta Kazlauskiene managed to use the long johns from that period, which she managed to fit into again with great effort," says Milda Metlovaitė.


The musical comedy "Tech Top 2020: Future Charge" takes the audience back in time 25 years, and through a humorous lens, explores man's relationship with technology. How to cope with a wife who wants to share her incredible visions with the whole of Lithuania, and what unexpected roles will be played by the stars of the show world, will be shown on 10 November, 19:30 on LNK.


The Tech Top 2020 Awards will also announce the year's best technology, as voted for by the general public and a panel of experts, during the musical comedy.