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Legendary Vaigauskas duo on working with showbiz stars: 'It's always fun to remember that youth'


This year, the traditional National Technical Awards will be broadcast on LNK TV in a completely new and unseen format - the musical comedy Tech Top 2020: the Future Charge. The main role is played by the legendary duo of stage soloists Jilda and Orestes Vaigauskas. The pair first appeared on film twenty-five years ago, playing themselves and working together with the biggest stars of the day and age.


Orestes and Jilda, what was your duet 1995 and were you different from Today?

Orestes: Oh, we were more wild in those days, uninhibitedly sexual.

Jilda: Yes, my father is right, there was a lot of passion going on back then, and in the film we may have been a bit too restrained.

Orestes: I really missed the explicit sex scenes.

Gilda: But of course, because the film is going to be shown at a time when the whole family is watching, not everything can be shown.

Orestes: On the other hand, we're still very well preserved, like those canned peas from the movie's ball scene.

Jilda: We are timeless, even though it's a big cost, a big investment.

Orestes: But, Mum, let's not start talking about money on this occasion.

The film has starred a bunch of stars from the music and show world. How do you think they managed to cope with the role of actors?

Gilda: We were very happy to see everyone again, as we used to. We had already missed the Žvaguliųs, the Valinskis and Džordana.

Orestes: But they were so well dressed, really like when they were young. It was such a déjà vu for me and my mother.

Jilda: Sometimes I even wondered if I was dreaming. Valinskas is like a cast, so much like himself in his youth, forks.

Orestes: Indeed, and how well he plays himself.

Gilda: I was very happy for Jordan too. It's always fun to remember that youth.

Orestes: I think that's where I once inspired her, after a party we had together, by shouting "Be my George" from the balcony.

Gilda: Well, you know, Orestes...

It was your first time in a film - what was the most memorable thing?

Orestes: I really liked the sandwiches and biscuits with the coffee during the breaks, because my wife is lazy at home and my husband is semi-starving. I was very happy that they fed me well.

Gilda: You see, who cares about the belly, and who cares about the spiritual cock.

Orestes: whose penis? Well, I'd ask for no sexual innuendo here.

Gilda: Orestes, there's only one thing on your mind.

Orestes: what else? Why are you thinking? In whose head?

Gilda: That's it. I wanted to praise the director Robert Razma, but you wouldn't let me...

Orestes: Are you also accusing me of marasmus?

Jilda: Well, Dad, we're cool.

The film premieres this Tuesday. Why should audiences see it?

Orestes: you should log in to see how for the poor and how poorly we lived then. There was nothing, none of that vikruntasų modern.

Jilda: Yes, it gives me the creeps. No normal phones, no fast internet.

Orestes: there has been a lot of progress in that time. Although there are still some sentiments.

Jilda: Absolutely. It will be a fun memory for everyone.


Together with the Vaigauskis, in the film Inga and Arūnas Valinskai, Žilvinas Žvagulis, Irena Starošaitė, Birutė Dambrauskaitė, Aleksandras Ivanauskas-Fara, Asta Meschino, Erika Vitulskienė, the bands Rebelheart, ŽAS and Bavarija, Džordana Butkutė and KaYra also performed their roles, Justinas Jarutis, Monique, Irma Jurgelevičiūtė, Igoris Kofas, Liveta Kazlauskienė, Elena Puidokaitė - Atlanta, Andrius Užkalnis, Skaiva Jasevičiūtė, and one more music star, who will be seen only during the premiere. "Tech Top 2020: the future load" film premiere, together with the best 2020 The Technique of the Year will be announced this Tuesday, 19:30 on LNK.