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PAULINOS' new single - a story about self-love



PAULINA has today released a new hit song for the coming summer - "Zaimerk". "It's great to see how PAULINA is measuring her career in broad steps: her first single was created by music producer Leonas Somovas, whom she met when she was still participating in the Voice of Lithuania. Today's song "Zaimerk" was also born out of the Balsa family's communion. Together with ELITAZ MUSIC's creative director and Mariumim Leskauskas, the head of the Lietuvos Balos music group, the song presented here draws a clear outline of the performer's stage character." - said Gediminas Jaunius, producer of ELITAZ creative house.


Marius Leskauskas stressed that the creative process was really long, but for good reason: "The single took a long time to make. It took a long time than we expected. But not because it was very difficult, but because we tried our best to achieve the best result. That's why we had to change the lyrics, the melodies and the whole shape of the song several times. We didn't want to fit into a time frame. We just wanted to make sure that we did our best. I would wish PAULINA to keep on creating and not to focus on quick success. Most of the time success comes with hard work and patience. Given PAULINA's positivity, I think it's only a matter of time before the arenas will be flocking to her concerts."


In PAULINOS you can also hear the vocals of Donatas Montvydas. True - not as the lead, but as an accompanist. According to Marius Leskauskas, this was not planned, but when Donatas Montvydas was asked for his advice during the creative process of "Užimerk", he gladly contributed with a few thoughts, which he recorded, and later on, these recordings sounded so good in the song, that they became part of the single.


PAULINA shared the creative process: "I remember very well when Marius called and said that Donatas wanted to help. I was overjoyed. Then I spent many evenings in Marius' studio looking for the right sound. I think that without Donatas, the vocals in this song wouldn't sound the way they do now."


Although the melody of the new single has been revised and changed many times, no one doubts the potential of PAULINA's vocals. Music producer Mark Les marvelled that even though he has known PAULINA for a long time, he is surprised every time he hears her. Gediminas Jaunius expressed a similar opinion: "PAULINA's exceptional vocals - strong, technical and uniquely emotional - are particularly well revealed in the new single. We have good reason to expect that Paulina's latest song will not only find a place on digital platforms, but will also be welcomed on TV and radio. I would also like to pay special compliments to the creative team behind the video, who have grasped the idea of the song so aptly and conveyed it with the necessary artistic flair: I see a lot of subtle symbolism in this video and a lot of opportunities for aesthetic gratification.


Not only the melody of the song, but also the ideas for the video evolved during the creation of "Zaimerk". From filming in urban spaces and wetlands to dancing in church. The song had many images for PAULINAI and ELITAZ MUSIC, but in the end the idea of an animated video was chosen. The girl mentioned that the quarantine contributed to this decision, but added that animation is probably the best way to portray the often unrealistic thoughts of a person. When asked if she sees herself in this clip, PAULINA unhesitatingly agreed - the second character perfectly reflects who she really is - a dreamer, often drowning in her thoughts. However, there is a story encrypted in both the song and the video.


"There was a time when everything was changing drastically - my environment, my friends, my responsibilities and my needs. There was a feeling of uncertainty and fear, but at the same time, there was always a hope that everything would work out - sooner or later. I knew that the only person who could help me was myself, and the only person who could put all my feelings into the words of a song was Kristina Radžiukynaitė. We met, I described my emotions, and Kristina put them into the lyrics so smoothly that when I read them for the first time, I got chills. It was good to finally be able to make sense of an idea that I have been carrying around for a very long time - that when faced with any problem, it is important not to give up inside first and draw strength from there. It is only in your own clear mind that you can step back a little from what seems to be a problem and see things from the outside. Both of my singles are about love, but "Close Your Eyes" is about self-love." - PAULINA said.


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