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Rooftop viewing of the Voice of Lithuania season 7 grand final: hundreds of cars, star performances and live announcement of the winner


This Sunday, the grand final of the seventh season of the Voice of Lithuania will take place on LNK TV, where 12 participants will appear on stage and will have just one song to prove that they are worthy of being called the best voice in the country. The contestants will compete not only for the title of the winner, but also for the 15,000 euros set up by LNK TV.


The final performances of the project were safely filmed last week in accordance with government guidelines, but the voting will be live and the winner will be decided by the televoters alone. And although the finalists sang in front of an empty arena, the project team decided to find creative solutions to safely bring people together to show their support for the finalists by sounding car horns instead of applause.


"This Sunday, on the rooftop of the OZAS shopping centre in Vilnius, we are organising a screening of the project finale, where the entire Voice of Lithuania family will be present - we invite all the teachers, the winners, the twelve finalists from the seventh season and the familiar friends. This event will also be the closing party for the entire Voice of Lithuania season 7, which I suspect will not end with the broadcast. Everyone is welcome to join us - let's watch the final together on the big screen. We will not only provide a high quality broadcast, but also specially prepared musical performances and pleasant surprises exclusively for the final party participants. It will be a unique opportunity to congratulate the winner and see the much-anticipated live performances of the stars of stage and screen", says Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of the ELITAZ creative house, about the rooftop event on Sunday.


During the evening, the audience will not only have the opportunity to watch the finale together with the large Voice of Lithuania family: the finalists of the project, the teachers of the seniors', children's and adults' seasons, but also to see the live performances of the guest stars. On stage, the finalist of the fifth season of the project, PAULINA, will present her latest work, the first "Lietuvos hlasas. Children" season winner Milėja, who will perform her latest premiere live, and the star of the fifth season of the project KaYra.


"We have adapted to the situation in the country and to the possibility of holding live concerts, provided that those watching them stay in their cars. We are happy to have the opportunity to at least in this way bring to a powerful end an impressive project season, which was accompanied by three successful projects that have become a Sunday tradition for all Lithuanian families. The culmination of the evening will be the awarding of the winner of the project season, which will be witnessed only by those gathered on the roof. After the ceremony, we will have the opportunity to hear the winner's song", says Gediminas Jaunius.


The event will take place on the rooftop of Vilnius OZO Shopping Centre this Sunday at 19:00. Ticket price is ten euros per car. Tickets are distributed by kakava.lt. Seats are limited.