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"Voice of Lithuania. Children" chose the winner - ten thousand euros went to Monika Marija's participant Matas


Tonight, "Voice of Lithuania. Children" on LNK TV aired the grand final of the project. The show, filmed during the quarantine period, attracted a lot of attention from the viewers - they voted for their favourites live throughout the show and in the first round of voting, they chose three super finalists who appeared on air again and again and performed the songs they had been selected for the project with.



After the first vote of the audience, the six finalists: Gretė, Kotryna, Matas, David, Barbora and Nikoleta, Donatas Montvydas's team member Gretė, Monika Marija's team member Matas and Mantas's team member Barbora made it to the super-final. A total of 18,107 votes were received in the final. The audience voted for the finalists as follows: 3,444 votes for Barbora, 3,730 votes for Matas, 1,905 votes for Nikoleta, 4,389 votes for Grete, 1,565 votes for David and 3,074 votes for Katherine.



After the live announcement of the super finalists on LNK TV, the children did not hide their joy and gratitude to the viewers who supported them. The children admitted that they had received a lot of support from both friends and complete strangers who had watched the project. After the announcement of the three super-finalists, the voting was restarted and the three children appeared on stage once more.



All six contestants' performances in the Super Final were filmed in advance, and only three were shown on air, voted the best by the audience in a live vote. During the Super Final, a new premiere of the first "Lietuvos hlasas. Milėja, the winner of the first season of "Children", who gave her advice on how to behave after winning the project and where to spend the huge prize money of ten thousand euros from LNK TV.



After the second round of voting, the viewers decided that the winner of the second season was Matas from Monika Maria's team. The total number of votes for the super finalists was 10138. Barbora got 3287 votes, Grete got 2821 votes and Matas got 4030 votes.



Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of the creative house ELITAZ, which produces the Voice of Lithuania projects, was also full of praise for the winner, "I congratulate Mata on becoming the winner of the second season, I wish that the love of the audience will turn into a loyal bond, and we are looking forward to hearing the first single from the winner. Matas has captivated the audience from the very first performance and was one of the reasons to tune in to "Lietuvos hlasas. Children" every Sunday. We are proud that Matas's star shone in the Voice of Lithuania. I have no doubt that Mato will have a great and exciting future on stage."



After the announcement, Matas, his mother and Matas' teacher Monika Marija did not hide their emotions and tears of happiness, and the winner himself could only add: "I am very happy. It was my dream. Thank you to everyone who supported me. It's very important to me."



The trophy and prize money will be awarded to the winner of the project this Monday, remotely. Next Sunday, the long-awaited finale of the seventh season of "Voice of Lithuania" will take place on LNK TV, where it will be revealed who among the twelve strongest voices of this season will become the winner of the project and the winner of the fifteen thousand euro prize.



Matthew's performances: