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The fate of the Voice of Lithuania season 7 finals has been revealed: the only safe grandiose show and no spectators


Back in early March, after being the first to announce the cancellation of the final fights in the country's big arenas due to the situation with the virus spreading in the country, the team of Lietuvos balsa, together with LNK, decided to postpone the filming of the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals to May. However, with the quarantine prolonged and the government extending the bans on events, the Voice of Lithuania finals will no longer take place in arenas. Instead of three final battles, the producers of the project and LNK have decided to organise one grand super-final, where it will be decided who among the 12 finalists will be the winner of season 7 and will win fifteen thousand euros and a contract with ELITAZ MUSIC.


"Like the rest of the world, we had to answer the question of how we would adapt to this unique situation. We considered a variety of scenarios, including the path often taken in the sporting world in this time of crisis to simply announce that the championships, in this case the final shows, would not take place. I am pleased to announce today that thanks to the joint efforts of ELITAZ Creative House and LNK TV, we have managed to find, in my opinion, the best possible way to safely fulfil the expectations of the participants and viewers of the project and to bring the seventh season to a dignified end, which, until the crisis of the COVID-19, had been an outstanding success. Although we have to do away with the arena shows, I hope that just for this season, instead of the planned three arena shows, we will have just one final. I want to assure you that we will put all the energy we have accumulated during the quarantine into this show and make sure that the finalists of the seventh season shine exceptionally bright", says Gediminas Jaunius, the project's Chief Producer.


However, for the first time in the history of the Voice of Lithuania, the grand finale of the project will not have one important element - the audience will not be able to see the shows created by the participants live. The project organisers are taking all the necessary security measures during the filming, so the show will only take place with the presenters, participants, teachers and the project's film crew.


"The situation is not simple, so we will first of all try to listen carefully to the recommendations of the experts to ensure that the filming takes place safely. We will all keep a safe distance, and the set design is based on that. Teachers, musicians, cameramen, directors and other members of the team will be positioned at an appropriate distance. Participants will rehearse one at a time, we will provide masks and gloves, disinfect the stage regularly, ventilate the room and follow other SAM guidelines for safe filming of TV shows," says Agneta Gabalytė, the project's executive producer, about safety during the filming.


The grand super-final will take place on 17 May. During the finale, the 12 finalists of the seventh season will appear on stage once and perform one song, which will determine the victory of one of them. Although the performances will be pre-recorded due to special security measures, it will be a partially live broadcast - only the audience will decide who will become the winner of the project, as usual in the Voice of Lithuania finals. The presenters will also communicate with the finalists live, so the audience will have the opportunity to watch the excitement and emotions of the final live on their screens.


"The exceptional world situation will definitely make the final of the seventh season unique, although some of the formats will change, but we are ready to preserve the essence of this phenomenal project - we are preparing a very sensual, musical and exceptionally exciting event for the special evening. While we have to do away with massive stage performances with lots of dancers or backing vocalists, the audience will be treated to an exceptionally visual show, with spectacular visuals and performers' costumes already prepared by the best professionals in their field especially for the final. It won't be another "from home" broadcast, it will be the show we've all been waiting for!", promises Gediminas Jaunius.


10 May, 7.30 pm "The Voice of Lithuania. Children" final, where six finalists will compete for the title of the best voice and a cash prize. The performances will be securely pre-recorded without viewers, and the voting will be done in the same way - the winner will be chosen by the viewers voting directly. 


The project team is also sharing important information for those who have purchased tickets for the final fights in the arenas. A draft law on the impact of the consequences of COVID-19 on consumer contracts for the provision of event organisation services is currently being discussed in the Seimas. "The Voice of Lithuania team hopes that the special law, which will soon come into force, will help to properly address all issues related to this special situation in the organisation of events.


People who bought tickets for the quarter-finals of the seventh season of "Lietuvos balsa", which were scheduled to take place on 17 May at Vilnius Siemens Arena, the semi-finals, which were scheduled to take place on 24 May at Šiauliai Arena, and the semi-finals, which were scheduled for 31 May at Vilnius Siemens Arena. The final, scheduled for 31 May at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena, and the final, scheduled for 10 May at the Palanga Concert Hall, will take place in the "Lietuvos balsas. Children" finals, which will no longer take place due to the Government's bans on organising events as a result of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, should be returned to the ticket distributors from 1 June.