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Donatas Montvydas' new concert film: 'I'm not afraid to show who I am'


From 9 February, Telia TV viewers will be able to enjoy one more exclusive content on the Play platform - the concert film "Donatas Montvydas. 1987". After the premiere of Justinas Jarutis' concert film in December, which attracted a lot of attention, this time it is the singer and composer Donatas Montvydas who opens up the behind-the-scenes of the stage and heart.




A unique musical experience


The genre of the concert film gives the audience a close-up view of the complex process of creating a concert, reveals the emotions of the performer and the team working with him, and, as the creators themselves say, allows the viewer to go behind the scenes in the true sense of the word.


"Vitalija Kibildė, the director of Telia TV and co-author of the concert film series, emphasises that this musical genre shows the maturity of not only the performer, but also of the Lithuanian music world.

"We are proud to continue introducing a new musical genre to Lithuanian audiences and to capture the present in Lithuania's Music Hall of Fame. I believe that the life and preparation of a performer is part of the culmination that only a limited number of people can see in the arena. In this way, the role of the film becomes particularly important. The life in preparation for a major creative event is an integral part of the performance, which completes the most important etude of music and the performer's life and gives the audience a unique musical experience", says Vitalija Kibildė.


The concert film is directed by Tomas Skamaročius and produced by Gediminas Jaunius, who in the creative process of this film returns to his first "television" profession and takes on the role of editor of the documentary part.



"Donatas Montvydas is a Lithuanian of exceptional diligence and talent, whose world-class ambitions are not constrained by the context of a small country. Without a doubt, the concert film is dominated by a masterfully staged show, directed by Donatas Montvydas himself. But it seems that we have managed to make the most of every opportunity to show what Donatas is like in his everyday life, the people he is surrounded by, how his music and the whole breathtaking show is born. The rows of legends and moments of creative passion and tear-jerking emotions have made me think more than once that we have managed to capture moments of significance in the history of Lithuanian music." - Gediminas Jaunius, Producer of the creative house Elitaz, shares his impressions.


The film team reveals that the documentary part of the film captured some unique moments. Viewers will find very intimate rehearsal footage, including fatigue-induced conflicts, as well as candid, unadorned relationships with those closest to them. There will be plenty of sensitive family moments, one of which is the touching performance of Donatas' dad Algirdas Motvydas with his son.


Peak Creativity


Donatas calls the concert show "1987", around which all the action revolves, a kind of creative peak, which contains much more than just his favourite pieces: it is also experience, knowledge, the influence of the people he met in his life and much more that he wanted to share from what he has accumulated along his career path.



"Every time I watch my concert film, I am very, very moved by it. You just see again that long, difficult process, which is never really recorded, and you remember how much work was really put in, how many people contributed to make the miracle of the concert happen", says Donatas Montvydas. Asked if it is easy to share such exciting moments with the cameras, Donatas emphasises that he decided long ago that he would be very open with the audience. "I'm not really afraid to show what I am. If I were ashamed of myself in front of people, what I broadcast just wouldn't be honest. So I've come to terms with the fact that the camera will follow me everywhere and try to capture every moment. I'm very happy that the audience will be able to see how real and down-to-earth everything really is."


The concert film "Donatas Montvydas. 1987" will be available from 9 February on Telia TV platform, Play content library.