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ELITAZ and TELIA partnership starts with a concert film


Justinas Jarutis' old dream came true before Christmas: the first concert film in Lithuania


When going to a concert, the audience only sees the parade side of it, but what happens before that - how is the event prepared, what is the performer going through and how is he or she building up to it? A unique cinematic genre, the concert film series, is being launched in Lithuania, starting with Justinas Jarutis. His concert film will be available for free to all Telia TV viewers from Christmas Eve.


"To have a concert film with documentary elements has always been a dream and an aspiration for me as a musician and a great lover of the documentary genre. Therefore, when I received the offer to make a concert film, it didn't take me long to accept", says Jarutis.


"Vitalija Kibildė, Head of TV Segment at Telia, notes that the concert of J. Jarutis was the first event to be moved under quarantine and symbolically became the first grandiose show after the return of big music events. It was the inspiration for the concert film series.


"This Christmas reflects Telia TV's bold ambition to put its foot in the universe of quality Lithuanian content. This is the first work of our team, J. Jaruitis and Elitaz, in which we put all our heart. This is a gift that we give first and foremost to those who are most precious to us - Telia TV's customers. But this is just the beginning, with this piece we are opening the doors of PLAY and we promise to surprise you again next year", says V. Kibildė, who is also one of the authors of the idea for this film.


You can see the trailer for the film of J. Jarutis' concert here:

YouTube video

New standard for displaying music events


Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of Elitaz Creative House, says that the cameras were as close as ever during the filming of this documentary project. "People will have a unique opportunity to observe Justinas's everyday life: his meetings with his closest family members, the sensitive moments of excitement and anxiety before the concert and the emotional and open meetings with his closest ones, hugs and even kisses. You will also be able to find out how chart-topping music is created, what inspires its creator and with whom he shares his daily routine at work and in his free time", says Jaunius.


According to him, Jarutis, a very popular singer in Lithuania, not only agreed to be filmed around the clock, but also contributed to the editing of the film himself. "I really like working with video material, creating clips, sitting at the editing, so it was a pleasure to work together with the director Tomas Skamarošius," says the musician.


T. Skamaročius, a long-time collaborator of the Elitaz Creative House, is also the chief director of the entire Telia Concert Film Series. He has a unique international experience in filming the Olympics, the most important basketball matches, as well as projects such as "The Voice", the main award ceremonies of our country, and other major national events.


More surprises to come


"Elitaz Creative House consistently fosters a culture of live music. We have been doing this for more than 16 years and it is no exaggeration to say that the collaboration between Telia and Elitaz in audiovisual production opens up new opportunities for music creators and performers, as well as music lovers. Our values and approaches to content production are aligned - quality comes first. With this series, we are setting a new standard for the presentation of music events. By accompanying music concerts with documentaries, we will give viewers a unique opportunity to see talented people at the height of their fame in moments that are usually inaccessible to cameras and onlookers. But not this time," says Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of Elitaz Creative House.


From 24 December until the New Year, all Telia TV viewers will be able to watch the exclusive Justinas Jarutis concert film for free. If you missed it, the concert film will be available on Telia TV from 3 January by subscribing to the new PLAY content library for EUR 6/month.