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R. Ščiogolevaitė, A. Pilvelytė and V. Genytė prepare for the first round.

For those in the entertainment world, December is often associated not only with the biggest holidays of the year, but also with the biggest jobs. Rūta Ščiogolevaitė, Aistė Pilvelytė and Vaida Genytė, who have come together in the 3D project, are no exception. The 3 divas of the stage are currently working hard in rehearsals, taking part in filming and preparing for their first festive tour "Time to Meet".


The 3D project will visit major concert halls in major cities throughout December to create a sparkling Christmas spirit and emotional feelings for its listeners. R. Ščiogolevaitė says that this tour is like a way to make up for last year, when the festive mood was dampened by quarantine, and Christmas had to be greeted in a small circle of relatives.



"So far, it looks like this year's festivities will be truly festive. "The Time to Meet concerts are about just that - music that allows the audience to feel the festive mood inside. We want to meet our listeners, we want to share photos with them or just cosy greetings. We hope that the Christmas story we have created will reach the hearts of many people", says R. Ščiogolevaitė.


3 different approaches turned into new sounds


Meanwhile, A. Pilvelytė reveals that during the tour each song will sound special, as this is the first time the artists will be touring together, so the audience will hear performances of a very high professional level.


"Those looking for quality will find it at Metas susitikti concerts. When our voices come together in one song, it's something quite extraordinary and magical! I believe that not only the listener's ear, but also the soul will be delighted to hear the thoughts and messages hidden in our songs," she says.


Despite the fact that R. Ščiogolevaitė, A. Pilvelytė and V. Genytė are accustomed to special solo performances on stage, they are happy to work together and understand each other better. V. Genytė emphasises that the 3D project and the different voices and approaches to music of the performers allowed them to discover a new sound.


"It may be a bit easier to write and perform songs alone, but as a trio we can discover new possibilities and colours of performance that have never been seen before. After all, they say that two heads are better than one, and we're even three," jokes V. Genytė, while R. Ščiogolevaitė adds that each performer has her capricesbut this does not hinder creativity, but allows you to explore new creative paths.


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Excitement before the first round


The first concert of the project's 3D tour "Metas susitikti" will start on 2 December, and during the whole festive period the performers will have 10 performances in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Palanga, Plunge, Ukmergė, Utenos, Prienai, Radviliškis, Mažeikiai, and Kelme. They admit that the frequent rehearsals and the upcoming festive marathon make them a bit nervous, but nothing is impossible. R. Ščiogolevaitė, who has 5 children, says that it is her years of experience on stage that helps the most at times like this, when you have to plan every minute.


"Many years of experience on stage helps a lot when it comes to priorities. After all, for a great concert, we only have one rehearsal to make sure the audience sees the best performance. It's all largely down to good preparation. And when all three of us concentrate in rehearsals and don't waste time, we can enjoy our family, feel the festive spirit and perform spectacular shows," says the singer of her attitude towards the festive tour and the holiday marathon.


Meanwhile, V. Genytė reveals that the festive marathon is sometimes a bit faster and you have to hurry up a bit to create a light Christmas mood.



"Sometimes it's a pity on those festive days when you don't get a chance to decorate the tree or buy presents, but my family is used to it and understands. Running during the holidays sometimes gets you completely involved and keeps you going until the end of the holidays, but anything is possible. Especially in December, rushing everywhere is common and somehow you still manage to fit everything in: enjoying the festivities and what you do. For me, being on stage is the meaning of life. And when you really want to, you make your schedule so that you can enjoy the festive mood," she says.


Feel the festive mood together with the project's 3D performers R. Ščiogolevaitė, A. Pilvelytė and V. Genytė from 2 December. Tickets for the Metas susitikti concerts can be purchased online at Tiketa, Bilietai.lt and Ticket Market, as well as at local ticket offices.