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"Voice of Lithuania. Solidarity campaign for Ukraine at the final of "Kartos".

The 11th of March will be the first day of the LNK project "Voice of Lithuania. All the money raised during the voting for the finalists will go to support Ukraine. Jamala, a teacher of the Voice of Ukraine and the 2016 Eurovision winner, who was recently forced to leave her home in Kiev due to the war, is coming to the final of the music project.  


"We want to give concrete help, not just support." - says Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of the creative house Elitaz, which runs the project. 


"We are proud that the project "Voice of Lithuania. Generations" will contribute to the support for Ukraine - both financially and emotionally. Jamala's arrival in Lithuania and her performance in the final of the project shows that music and the people who love it are a great force in the struggle for freedom," says Jurgis Jefremovas, LNK's programme director.



Audiences - an audience that together can do so much


Even before the painful events in Ukraine, the project "Voice of Lithuania. The team wanted to give the audience the joy of finally enjoying a live Voice show in the arena together after months of quarantine, and also to celebrate the Independence Day with a great sense of celebration. All of these plans will be implemented, but there will also be a special part of the concert dedicated to Ukraine.


"These days, the entire Voice of Lithuania team is living with the same worries as many members of our society. We are trying to get on with our work and our duties, and not to create confusion. We want to express our support to the people of Ukraine and we understand that real help is of utmost importance, which is why "Lietuvos balas. We see the "Generation" final as the right tool to contribute at least a little to the material aid to Ukraine. The most popular TV show in Lithuania currently has a large audience, and we want to invite them to be together with Ukraine on 11 March in every way possible, and in particular -  with hearts, songs and financial support", - says Jaunius, adding that a sensitive and inspiring programme has been prepared for the event: a lot of Lithuanian music will be played, and the teacher of the "Voice of Ukraine", Eurovision winner Jamala, is coming to Vilnius especially for this event.



From war to dialogue with the world


Susana Alimivna Jamaladinova, better known as Jamala, is a Ukrainian actress and singer. Jamala's sensitive Ukrainian song about the country's difficult situation was the theme of her 2016 Eurovision win. Until the bombing of Kiev, the well-known woman tried not to leave the country and sent messages to the world watching her about the events she saw through the window. Unfortunately, as the situation became more serious, Jamala was forced to flee Kiev, but her fight continues across the border.


"The most important thing now is to realise that this war is taking place in the heart of Europe and is a threat to everyone. In Ukraine, which is at the heart of the European Union, hospitals, orphanages, residential areas are being bombed. My mission is to share and report what my family, friends and neighbours are going through here and now. I ask the world: close the airspace over Ukraine and help us in our struggle to survive and live in our homes."


"Voice of Lithuania. Kartos" final, which will take place live at the Avia Solutions Group Arena, Jamala will perform a very sensitive performance. All the money raised during the phone voting and 30% of the ticket sales will go to the Blue and Yelow Support Fund. Jamala will also donate her royalties to the cause.


"I invite all those who cherish freedom to be together on 11 March. If you are unable to attend the event, you will be able to watch the live broadcast at 19.30 on LNK. The Singing Revolution brought us freedom, which we celebrate on 11 March. Let our songs contribute to Ukraine's victory. Glory to Ukraine and its heroes!", Gediminas Jaunius urges people not to remain indifferent.