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Blade Fights Mixed Martial Arts Tournament Announces First Fighters

On 4 February, Kaunas Žalgiris Arena will host the long-awaited mixed martial arts tournament "Blade Fights"  - the first event and spectacle of this scale and importance in Lithuania. Fans of this sport will have the opportunity to watch fierce, breathtaking fights between world-famous heroes in the fighting ring, and the high emotional temperature will be fuelled and sustained by a spectacular show. And it's not just sport that we can rightly expect - the word "art" in this sport, and even more so in this tournament, is no accident!   


We are also close to the exciting news that accompanies the event: the Blade Fights Association, in cooperation with the producers of the ELITAZ Creative House, has already announced the first names of the celebrities taking part in the tournament and the legends of their sporting careers. Once a week, until the start of the tournament on 4 February, we will be "treated" to a closer look at a different fighter in various media. So stay tuned for the latest news, and to kick things off, the first seven Blade Fights participants are announced: 


Fabio Pinca (France), Žygimantas Ramaška (Lithuania), Komphikart Kom (Thailand), Sebastian Romanowski (Poland), Deividas Danyla (Lithuania), Panagiotis Yusuf (UK), Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira (Brazil).


Multiple Muay Thai world champion Fabio Pinca (France) - is undoubtedly one of the most famous and spectacular fighters. His superior fighting technique, precise style, excellent stance and enviable internal preparedness have earned him the fame of the audience's favourite.


Žygimantas Ramaška (Lithuania) - young but very experienced fighter, multiple Lithuanian Sambo Combat champion, World Sambo Combat Vice-Champion, Grappling European champion with more than 50 fights under his belt. Over the last three years, Zygmantas has made impressive progress and today he is on par with the highest level of MMA fighters. He is tough, agile, cool-headed and, by the way, he has already become a sensation of the tournament as he takes on Fabio Pinca himself. This duo is destined to become the biggest event of the tournament and the benchmark of the fight.




Comphicart Com (Thailand) - more than 120 fights in the professional fight purse! Fights also under Muay Thai, and under kickboxing rules. In one of the bouts, he won one of the most coveted Muay Thai Awards - Bangkok Lumpinee stadium champion belt. This fighter has no hesitation in the ring - he always tries to dominate, he attacks aggressively, he hits hard with his feet and knees, and he enjoys giving his opponent trouble in close quarters with precise and painful elbow strikes.



Throughout your career Sebastian Romanowski (Poland) fought in the rings of prestigious organisations Cage Warriors, ACB, Fight Nights, MFP, KSW, FEN.  He is a fighter with excellent striking technique, amazing wrestling and the ability to control his opponent not only in the middle of the ring, but also  in corners or against ropes.



Deividas Danyla (Lithuania) started to accumulate combat experience when he was only ten years old. Even as a child, he was already winning 90% of his fights! Today, Deividas is one of the most titled and experienced Muay Thai fighters in Lithuania. He has 48 wins with 10 knockouts. 



Panicos (Superpetch) Yusuf (UK) is originally from Cyprus, but lives and fights for Great Britain. He is currently ranked as the best martial arts fighter in his weight class in the country. Twice Muay Thai World champion Panica has 42 fights to his name, of which only 5 were lost. Will Kaunas give him another victory or will it add to his basket of defeats?


Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira (Brazil) - one of the most professional MMA fighters in Brazil. He is at the top of the rankings in his weight category (66 kg). Carlos is extremely versatile: he is a confident stand-up fighter, but also an excellent wrestler. He uses a fierce striking technique, forcing his opponent to defend himself and leave his weaknesses unprotected. He is difficult to understand and to adapt his tactics to, so Carlos is a real challenge for any opponent.


Such names and faces will amaze Lithuanian Mixed Martial Arts fans in Lithuania, and for those who are not yet familiar with this exciting sport, the tournament organisers say: the veil of silence, if it still covers this spectacular sport and art in one, will finally be torn this time - both sports gourmets and the general Lithuanian audience are promised not only enjoyable new discoveries, but also plenty of opportunities to experience the true catharsis of these fights, accompanied by an exceptional music show. 


You can watch the event live and, of course, get the best experience at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena, tickets are distributed by Bilietai.lt. For those who can't make it - live coverage on BTV and  DELFI plus platforms. 


Don't miss out on a truly spectacular opportunity to cheer and make merry: tickets to the tournament are not just another gift for Christmas, but an exceptional one!