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The festive premiere of the first Voice of Lithuania season premiere took place at the Film Theatre

"We welcomed the third day of Christmas with another family," smiles the Voice of Lithuania team - producers, creators and teachers - as they met yesterday  "Kino Deli, where the preview of the first, festive,  Premiere of the 10th season. LNK viewers will also be able to see the first episode very soon - on 1 January.

"It is very symbolic that we met at the cinema - it was the cinematography and aesthetics that immediately captivated me this season," said Justinas Jarutis, a teacher of "Voice of Lithuania", and Benas Aleksandravičius - Ba. "It's no coincidence that the 10th season -  the audience will see the project at its most mature and will have something to enjoy. All emotions are captured at the highest level".

The two-hour screening was full of good emotions. "We had a lot of laughs. It was as if we teachers had known each other for a hundred years. That's because good "chemistry"  came between us right away, so the energy in the chairs is really great," said Benas Aleksandravičius. 

Monika Liu recalled her experiences after the screening  sensitive moments. "Performances look even more different when we find out who is behind them, what are the stories of the participants. And they are truly unique, inspiring. We have met a lot of extremely bright people."

After the screening, Gediminas jaunius, the chief producer of the creative house Elitaz, stressed that the story of Elitaz is inextricably linked to the Voice of Lithuania. "We are happy to develop professionally as part of the global family of The Voice. I hope that LNK viewers will notice and appreciate the quality and diversity that we can confidently promise from the first series. The first impressions of the creative team after the preview are optimistic, so I invite everyone to meet us on Sundays at their screens or catch up with the anniversary touring Voice in your nearest city and experience this musical adventure live - there will be plenty of opportunities!"

The first episode of the 10th Voice of Lithuania will be broadcast on LNK this Sunday, 1 January, at 19.30.