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Four teachers from the project will join together in a group for the 10th anniversary season of The Voice of Lithuania

10 years, 10 seasons and more than 1000 participants - that's how many years, 10 seasons and more than 1000 participants have been counted by the music show The Voice of Lithuania - the only project of the international format of The Voice in the Baltic States. The show, which has produced generations of performers and viewers, will start its anniversary season with a bang on 1 January: fans will be treated to a performance by legendary teachers Monica Liu, Justinas Jarutis, Mantas Jankavičius and Benas Aleksandravičius, Ba  - team and exceptional participants: from a wide range of backgrounds, in a variety of configurations (duos and trios are welcome) and from as many as 10 different countries.

Number indicating the maturity of the project

"Voice of Lithuania" celebrates a solid anniversary  the team is preparing a spectacular programme.
I can say with confidence -  We will celebrate the anniversary of "Balso" in a big way and all over Lithuania! The blind auditions have already been filmed in Vilnius and are ready for the viewers' attention. We are looking forward to the premiere on LNK, after which we are packing our bags, loading our trucks and rolling towards Klaipėda: "We will set up a sparkling "Balso" studio in Švyturis Arena, where we will film the fight round on 19, 21 and 22 January, and the final will take place in Kaunas, at Žalgiris Arena, - says Gediminas Jaunius, the chief producer of Elitaz, a creative house that has been nurturing the project for a decade. 

The season will start with as many as 8  blind auditions, which are particularly competitive this year. "This year, the creators of the project have received a lot of applicants, the bar is set extremely high, so it's going to be a wonderfully exciting time," says Monika Liu, the project's teacher, sharing her first impressions of the project, who has already confessed that she has a hunch that the anniversary season will also see the birth of a new Lithuanian music star. Monika Liu is joined by other teachers. "The number 10 is a good reminder of the maturity of the project: the teachers have matured, the creative team has matured, and I notice that the performers have changed especially, coming more and more prepared, with better and better songs, and more and more aware of what they need to do to create a show of international level," Justinas Jarutis remarks.

Participants from almost every continent in the world 

Mantas Jankavičius, the project's teacher, is delighted that the season is full of talent not only from Lithuania, but also from all over the world. "Multiculturalism is one of the highlights of this season, it's just wow,"  M. Jankavičius intrigues, and his words are true: India, the Philippines, Ukraine, Ghana, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, France - these are just a few of the countries whose representatives have come to the project to share not only their talent, but also their life stories and love of music. Along with a wide geographical map, the project will also bring a very wide musical repertoire: the best works of the decade, touching everyone's heart and taste, as well as new, sometimes exotic, musical motifs.

Will a new group be born?

In the birthday season, teachers promise not only to amaze, but also to amaze themselves. "I have to admit, it was not easy for me to "get up to speed", I felt a lot of responsibility. But some amazing talents "unlocked" me very quickly and I am already sure that we will have some spectacular performances, I will try to show the alternative side of music as much as possible."  - says Benas Aleksandravičius. 

Another surprise for teachers  -  a group that they themselves will form for a short time for the season opener. "I found out that Ben is great on bass guitar, Mantas has all the charisma for drums and Monika Liu just confirmed that she is fantastic in any situation. If this band decides to continue, I would love to be their manager,"  smiles Justinas Jarutis. 

Gedminas Jaunius emphasises that in the tenth season, the Elitaz team is ready to prove to themselves and to everyone that Balsas remains the most relevant and ambitious music TV project in the country. "We will consolidate this with the most powerful finale to date, which will take place on 30 April. This year, as many as 10 finalists will compete for the Voice trophy, a cash prize set up by LNK and the most important - the love and appreciation of the audience. I invite everyone to join me on Sunday evenings to enjoy the talented people our country is full of. Many of them grew up watching the Voice of Lithuania and drawing inspiration and encouragement from this unique project. We will also see how our society has changed, with a whole host of nations and cultures on stage -  these people are part of our society today" -says G. Jaunius.

The host of the jubilee Voice of Lithuania is Rolandas Mackevičius, who also grew up with the project, and the reporter is the 2018 Voice of Lithuania finalist, performer Eglė Jurgaitytė. The adorable duo and the quartet of teachers will greet the viewers on 1 January, 19.30, on LNK.