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"Voice of Lithuania teachers become matchmakers: former project participants Gabrielė Nausėdaitė and Simas Buziliauskas are back as a family

The 10th anniversary season of The Voice of Lithuania starts this Sunday on LNK screens. The music project, which will be shown on LNK throughout the decade  has raised generations of performers: many of the faces of the show are familiar to audiences all over Lithuania. But not all the noteworthy stories happen on stage alone: there are just as many behind the scenes. One of the most beautiful is the story of Gabrielė Nausėdaitė and Simas Buziliauskas, who are participating in this year's project as a duo.

Met on chairs during knockouts

Gabrielė Nausėdaitė and Simas Buziliauskas met in the seventh season of "The Voice of Lithuania", on the hot seats: Simas was "stolen" by Monika Liu, and Gabriel was stolen by Justinas Jarutis. "Although they didn't choose us later, in a way they gave us the greatest achievement of our lives - each other.  in a way, becoming our matchmakers," the couple recalls.  

However, the feelings didn't start right away: although Gabriele and Sims didn't have to compete directly on stage, the couple admits that they didn't understand each other at the beginning, even under friendly circumstances. "Gabrielle is calmer, she likes to concentrate and be quiet before the show. I'm just restless: talking, trying to bring people together. She didn't like the intrusive chatterbox at first", Simas laughs, and Gabrielle echoes him. "I really thought: how much can I babble?", Megina admits. And although it didn't turn out that way behind the scenes, the saying that opposites attract soon proved true. "I already showed Gabriele my attention during one of the participants' parties. When I saw her going home, I walked up to her and told her that she still owed me a dance. She said yes - and that was a good sign" , Simas recalls.

Started with music and continues with music

The couple admits that the conversations about the professional world, the Voice of Lithuania and  Together, the lessons have become a great touchstone on the road to getting to know each other. As they both received many compliments on the project, they decided to continue singing, and soon they started to do it professionally together. In the meantime, the couple's wedding took place and they celebrated several weddings. "We didn't want to conform to any norms, so we did as many weddings as we felt comfortable with, from the very formal ones at the registry office to church and celebrations for family and friends," says Simas, who also became a member of a special Lithuanian family on this occasion, as Gabrielė is the baptismal daughter of President Gitanas Nausėda. "You can feel the 'queen' gene, our Gabrielė is picky, but whatever you can't get your hands on, I did," Simas jokes fondly about his wife. 

Having fallen in love with the Voice of Lithuania stage and having fallen in love with each other there, Gabrielė and Simas decided to return to it,  and, for an even more nostalgic touch, together. "We were very enthusiastic at the beginning, but we won't hide the fact that there were a lot of debates, and at one point we even thought about going our separate ways, but in the end we found some musical compromises and we think we've prepared a great performance," Gabrielė intrigues.

The sensual duet of Gabriele and Simo in the first show of the jubilee edition of "The Voice of Lithuania" - this Sunday, 19.30, on LNK. 

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