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The finalists of the 10th season of Voice of Lithuania will be chosen by the audience in Švyturias Arena

The shows of the 10th anniversary season of the Voice of Lithuania are gaining momentum and have already risen to the position of the TOP1 show of the last week in terms of viewership. The project has been very much renewed, so there are special surprises in store - not only the band formed by the project's teachers on the occasion of the opening ceremony, in which they both played and sang, not only the Lithuanian music greats returning for the blind auditions, but also the singing talents from around the world. One of the surprises is a brand new round of the "Cross Duels", which will reveal the ten finalists of the project. Who they are will be decided on 22 January not by teachers, but by live  Spectators at Klaipėda's Švyturis Arena. 

A teacher may be left without a pupil in the final

The principle of "cross-duels" is a challenge that a teacher, having chosen one member of his/her team, poses to another teacher.  The solution to the challenge  will be particularly responsible: teachers will have to take a good look at whether they have a participant worthy of the challenge. Because the fate of the contestants after the cross-over duel will be decided only by the audience,  every teacher's decision will be extremely risky -  if they lose all the challenges, they may simply be left without any participants in the final. 



An exceptional voting experience

"Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of Voice of Lithuania, urges fans to take advantage of the unique  the possibility of taking part in the vote. "I can safely say: we have never had such intrigue in the Voice. This year, the 101 spectators watching the "Cross Duels" live in Klaipėda's Švyturys Arena will decide who will make it to the final - they are like jurors who will evaluate which teacher's participant will win the duel. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of this opportunity, provided they are impartial - for this we will ask you to fill in an impartiality declaration at the time of registration, confirming that you do not have any links with the participants or the teachers, and that you are able to participate in the live event itself.", - to take an active part in next week's  G. Jaunius invites you to the filming of "Cross Duels".

"The filming of "Cross Duels" will take place in Klaipėda's Švyturys Arena already on 22 January, 6 pm. Registration form for voting: https://forms.gle/XJHPjMtooSUnDdcu6