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"Voice of Lithuania. Džiugas, winner of "Children", presents his first song: "I used to dream about it only timidly"

It seems that the victory in the TV project was only the first step of the audience favourite Džiugas Joneikis. Having achieved this goal, he has taken his time to achieve the next one and today he is already presenting his debut song. The song "In the morning" as if to say that going back to school this autumn was different for the singer - the same Džiugas was back there, but now with big dreams and plans.



After a resounding victory in the TV project "Lietuvos balsas. Children", Džiugas' fans were eagerly waiting to see what would happen next. The singer is convinced that dreams and plans come true only by working quietly and striving for it, so that's exactly what he did, and the result of this work is his first song and music video.



The debut track "In the Morning" is a song about love that disappears in the morning, but it is performed energetically and reflects the emotions that accompanied Džiugas throughout the creative process.


"Excitement, adrenaline, anxiety, pride... Just thinking about it brings up a lot of changing feelings. I used to dream about it only shyly, but now I'm releasing my song. I am more than happy with the result. I believe that the listeners will like the song as much as I do. But it couldn't have been any other way - the song was written by the greatest professionals who believed and trusted me. It is a great honour to work with this wonderful team and I am extremely grateful to them," he said.



For the recording of the debut song and the filming of the music video, a team gathered around Džiuga, including well-known names from the Lithuanian music and entertainment world, such as Gediminas Jaunius, Giedrė Kilčiauskienė, Paulius Vaicekauskas-Plucando, Edgaras Kerpė and others.



G. Kilčiauskienė, who wrote the lyrics and melody for the song "Ryte", admitted that she did not accept the offer immediately.


"I usually avoid writing lyrics and melodies for other artists. I was even more hesitant when I was asked to write for a teenage boy. However, with some intuition, I accepted, and when he made the idea of the song very clear, I had no doubts. Both the lyrics and the melody flowed easily - as if I were writing for myself. I was half-seriously joking: if the song doesn't work, I'll keep it to myself. But Džiugui liked the song very much, so I will have to create another one for myself," she laughed.



Preparing for the filming of the clip and learning the dance moves did not seem to be a difficult process for him. He says that when you enjoy what you are doing, everything seems easy and all the new things sink right in.



The director and choreographer of the video, Edgaras Kerpė, also spoke highly of Džiugas' professionalism.



"Džiugas executed and rendered everything perfectly on the day of the shoot, so we did everything precisely and on time. Julius Valančauskas came up with the idea of filming at the school - it's a symbolic place," the dancer said.



The song and video "Ryte" is the first joint work between Džiugas and Elitaz. Producer Gediminas Jaunius said that the team worked on this song using the workshop method, which is popular in Western countries.



"I am glad that we have managed to bring together a unique company around Džiugas. Everything went really smoothly and naturally, so I dare say that this path has worked. The whole creative team is extremely happy with the result, but the real success of the single will be confirmed by the listeners. And I'm looking forward to seeing if they find this song as infectious as we do," said G. Jaunius.


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