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An unexpected turn in Ieva Mackevičienė's career



One of the most anticipated projects on LNK TV, "The Voice of Lithuania. Generations" (The Voice. Generations) promises a lot of surprises, one of which is the new reporter of the project. Many have been eagerly awaiting and speculating who will be at the helm of the project next to the charismatic presenter Rolandas Mackevičius. Finally, the secret is out - Ieva Mackevičienė, an opinion leader and ambassador of various projects, is joining the Voice of Lithuania family. 



"Since my husband has been working on this project for many years, I am already very emotionally attached to it. Our whole family has a very strong bond of togetherness, we support each other always and everywhere, so even though we haven't had to be physically present at the filming so far, we haven't missed a single show. I have always felt that the Voice of Lithuania is like another member of the family.



And I'm very happy that I will now be able to be even more part of this big family, this big team. I am looking forward to the filming, to getting to know all the participants and I hope that this friendship will be special", - smiles I. Mackevičienė.



So far, Karolina Meschino, a social networking star, has performed flawlessly in the Voice of Lithuania projects and has been met with great affection by the TV audience.



And Kristina Radžiukynaitė, the star of last season's "KaYra", proved once again how much talent can be hidden in one person. The producers say that "Lietuvos hlasas. Generations" project will be very different from all the previous ones and should be evaluated separately, which is why it was decided to expand the "Voice of Lithuania" forces even more.



According to Gediminas Jaunius, Elitaz's chief producer, he and his team of professionals try to surprise even the most demanding viewers every year. The producer, who has created many television projects, has no doubt that the TV audience will be pleasantly surprised by the new project, and Ieva Mackevičienė, who has joined the Voice of Lithuania family, will live up to all expectations:



"We are ready to fill this season of The Voice of Lithuania with pleasant surprises and delightful twists! One of them is definitely Ieva joining Rolandas. Who knows, maybe other generations of Mackkevičius will appear on the LNK TV screen from time to time. We are doing our best to make the participants comfortable and their participation in the project an unforgettable experience. It is with this mission in mind that the talented and popular Ieva joins the Voice of Lithuania family."



The project "Voice of Lithuania. Generations" is special not only because of its unique format, which will bring together all generations on the music stage, but also because it will be one of the first of its kind to be shown worldwide.



I. Mackevičienė says that working in television is not a novelty for her, she has hosted a number of television programmes, and with her colleagues she creates special webcasts, but the project "Lietuvos hlasas. Generations" has a special meaning for I. Mackevičienė:



"I understand that this is a new project. And this is the first time this format will be shown not only in Lithuania, but also in the world. We are one of the first who will have the great honour and responsibility to present this format. I am fortunate that my personal qualities do not allow me to relax and take a casual approach to any work. I always take pride in the work and projects I am given. I have no doubt that this will be one of the most memorable adventures of my life.



The unique format "Voice of Lithuania. Generations" project will invite viewers to TV screens already in 2022, and all those who are not indifferent to the stage can try their hand at the project by filling in a questionnaire on the website WWW. LNK.lt.