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"Voice of Lithuania returns with a new global format for families

One of the most popular television formats in the world "The Voice", known in our country as "The Voice of Lithuania", presents the latest version of the project "The Voice of Lithuania. Families". The newest format of The Voice, known on the world market as "The Voice. Generations", has already attracted interest in many countries and, along with Lithuania, Australia will be one of the first countries to see the new project. 

LNK will broadcast the ninth season of The Voice, all of which have been successfully implemented by the Creative House ELITAZ, led by Gediminas Jaunius. "After nine years of successfully developing The Voice franchise in Lithuania together with LNK TV, we have gained significant trust from the owners of the format, ITV Studios, who have allowed us to offer the newest version of the TV format to LNK viewers as one of the first in the world," says Gediminas Jaunius, the chief producer. 

According to the producer, as in the world, so in Lithuania "Balsas" never stands still, which is why interesting innovations are born, and this one is designed for a particularly wide audience and guarantees quality and fun time for the whole family.

"This project also highlights the very important values of togetherness, which encourages people to come together and understand the importance of togetherness. I am sure that the audience will miss the exciting live show, which can not only be watched on the TV screen or followed on social networks, but also become a participant of live musical events - we are planning to open the doors of the filming studio to the fans of the Voice and to be seen live in the grand finale, which we will hold at one of the country's major arenas," says Gediminas Jaunius, the chief producer of the Creative House ELITAZ.

According to G. Jaulius, the participation in the "Voice of Lithuania. Families" project is open to everyone who likes to sing not alone and who are connected by musical communion. "It doesn't depend on age, social status or relationships, everyone who sings together in the family, at work, at parties. This time there will be a lot of action on stage, created by charismatic, musical performers of all ages and styles", emphasised G. Jaunius.

"The Voice, the world's most celebrated format, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. On the occasion of such a solid anniversary, LNK TV, which implements this international project in Lithuania, is preparing a surprise for our country's viewers. In the new season, LNK will launch an unseen version of this format, "The Voice of Lithuania. Families". The project will be open not only to duos or groups related by kinship. The word "family" here should be understood in a broader sense. After all, a family can also be a well "matched" work team, a successful sports team or simply a group of inseparable friends. And, most importantly, we will see representatives of various generations on stage at the same time, which will make this project a weekend entertainment for all Lithuanian families", - says Jurgis Jefremovas, LNK Programme Director.

Registration for the show is now open and you can fill in the form on LNK.lt. The first candidates to do so will soon be invited for a live interview.