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Exquisite images of Druskininkai, a video clip shot on analogue film and a biting text in Evita Cololo's new track "Slėpynės"

Evita Cololo's "Hideaway" is like a continuation of a story that has already begun: '"Without Secrets" has a window closed on the protagonist. Although this song was written before "Without Secrets", the last, not so sweet and intimate stage of the game comes to an end in the hideout. The song "Hideout" came about quite organically. The phrases that were instantly formed in the studio grew into deeper memories and weaved into sentences. It's a bit of a poignant text. Various experiences and adventures in life came together to form the word "You", but I won the mystery", says the singer.


Producer Vitalijus Vaiper worked with Evita on this work. This is the third track Vitalijus has contributed to. According to the producer, with this song Evita has come closest to her sound and knowing what direction she wants to go in.


"With the third song, we entered Evita's territory. I think we are the closest to her true soul and with each song she reveals more and more of herself and her charisma. This song is the closest to Evita's heart for me, because the lyrics are full of experiences and emotions. "Hideaways" is about avoidance , especially in social space, that possibility of having interaction and equally avoiding it or just evaporating in social space." - Vitalijus Vaiper shares.


"Vitalijus and I worked well together, we got the idea, the flow and we had half the result. Then it was grinding and seasoning. I wouldn't call the creative process a job, more like a singing session/musical day off, as the summer got into full swing we set up a mini studio at home in the resort, and "Hideaway" was written in a quite relaxed, calm, relaxing environment." - Evita says.


In the video, Evita's hometown of Druskininkai and its architectural heritage. "Druskininkai is a spa town, where we can find 19th-century wooden villas, modernist sanatoriums, and one of the most interesting post-modern buildings in Lithuania - the complex of physiotherapy healing facilities, which has now become the Druskininkai Aquapark. Architecture always symbolises socio-cultural content and can speak without words. I wanted the scenes in the video to develop in an atmosphere that was not that of ordinary locations."


The director describes this decision as an artistic choice: "I like the fact that film dictates a different rhythm of work, that you have to develop the idea more, that you have to calculate and think about the scenes and their durations better, that the process takes longer, that the manipulation of such an image is completely different. I think that film is able to grasp some of the rhythms of human existence better than digitised images. It's great that we did everything as we planned and ELITAZ MUSIC was not afraid of such an adventure and allowed me to experiment.


"I had been following Eglė Razumaitė, the director of the video, before, but thanks to Vitalius we got in touch. I saw the vision of the video, which was fulfilled by Eglė. There was no questioning whether it would be good or not, because I knew that the final result would be "cool" - what I was thinking. I wanted to shoot in Druskininkai, in my hometown. All the characters in the video are also from Druskininkai. The bigger challenge was to be patient in +30 degrees with full make-up while filming with a film camera, which is a one-shot camera, so you have to get it right on the first take." - The singer talks about the filming of the video.


Evita Cololo is happy that working with the team has been easy and that she has been able to realise her vision: 'I am happy that the team around me is youthful and easy to get along with. Again, thanks to Silvia Jauniene and Gediminas Jaunis for catching my idea and agreeing to help me make it happen. I consider filming with a film camera to be a high level of skill, every ray and shadow that falls is important, otherwise nothing will get made. Thank you to the characters in the clip, to Gabriel Žvirblas, the initiator of the hide-and-seek, and to those closest to me, Anesa Mesnikovič, Kristea Žilionyte, Karolina Ratenyte.