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KaYra's new video features Maksas, a foster child of "Lesė". She hopes that this debut will help him find a new home.

KaYra's new song encourages us to look at sadness from a different perspective: "Everybody is sad and this song is about the fact that it's okay to be sad." But sadness can be looked at from a different angle, with light irony and fun, because it all depends on our attitude. It's very close and very dear to me because it's very personal and sensitive, and even though it sounds fun, it's about sad emotions, about the days when you don't want to do anything, when you're sad, but with the idea that everything will be okay." , - said Kristina Radžiukynaitė - KaYra, singer and songwriter.


Producer Faustas Venckus also contributed to this work, according to him, the sound of the song was born very simply and very quickly it was clear that the song did not require anything pompous, just a simple cosy, close, ironically funny sound. The singer herself says that she wanted a minimalist and more acoustic sound.


Venckus said, "Kristina, like any creator, has an unquenchable desire to explore, experiment and improve. We did that most of the time, but it was still just a search, because most of the song was done at the very beginning, and we just had to realise that nothing was really missing. I really like this song. It allows me to relax and just do nothing while listening to it. The world needs more songs like this! This is of course Kristina's merit."


" I'm a big fan of Amy Winehouse and her sound influenced my new song. I had a very good "match" with the producer Faustas, so the creative process was a lot of fun, because Faustas himself whistled and recorded the backu's for me, and my friend, Justas Girdvainis, recorded a few sounds. The result was a joint piece." - KaYra shares.


The idea of the KaYrai video came from the fact that when a person is sad, he tends to be in solitude and wants to go away and take a break from everything.


"I immediately imagined some kind of journey with no specific destination, and I needed a companion for it. I had been visiting the Lesse shelter for some time, coming there to walk the dogs, and that's where I met Max. I decided that Max would be a great companion for me and maybe his debut would help him find a new home."


"The filming went quite smoothly, but there were a few challenges - the car is very old and there were problems starting it, and there was some rain, but it didn't spoil the good mood and it was very positive. I'm very happy with the team that worked together, with Edvin, for whom it was his first music video. I'm glad that I managed to involve my brother in my creative work and he was the first one to be in my video. And the management, my hair stylist, my make-up artist, the photographer, the driver, everybody was very positive, so the atmosphere was just great."


Edvinas Vaitkus, a young and promising artist, worked on the "A very sad song" video.


"For a long time I have dreamt of making a music video for a Lithuanian artist and I am very happy that Kristina was the first one who contributed to making my dream come true. I'm glad that we edited the video very quickly and it saw the light of day in less than a week from the day of filming. In my opinion, the video perfectly reflects the mood of the song and what the lyrics were trying to say. I really hope that the audience will hear and feel this track." - says Edvinas.