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"Voice of Lithuania. Milėja, the winner of "Children", presents her fourth single "Atvira knyga"

The first edition of "Voice of Lithuania. Milėja, the winner of the "Children" project, presents her new single "Atvira knyga". Her first video was shot in a club in Vilnius and in the botanical garden of Vilnius University. The aesthetics of the song are complemented by black and white and very minimalistic shots. So far, she has presented 3 of her songs, "Higher", "Leiskit" and "Visą sebe". As Milje tells us, "Open Book" was created in a very similar environment, when inspiration came to her at night.


"The song was born in the middle of the school year, at about two o'clock in the night, when I was very worried about the test. It's a habit for me to write my songs only at night. "Open Book" stands out because I feel a very strong connection to it. I wrote the music and lyrics myself, so it is very special to me. I met a lot of new people at the Juozo Gruodis Conservatory in Kaunas, which inspired me to write this song. Being with them made me realise what a real friendship looks like, where I can be completely open. That's what "Open Book" is all about," she says.


Genuine professionals contributed


She reveals that Kristina Radžiukynaitė - Kayra also contributed to the lyrics. The latter helped to put together the accents that allowed "Open Book" to fulfil its full creative potential.


"I really appreciate Kristina's contribution, as she helped to bring out the "zing" of the song. When I was writing the song myself, I needed a sideways glance, because that's the only way I can objectively assess the quality of the song. Faustas Venckus, who produced my song and fulfilled all my expectations, was also a great help. Shortly after the recording of the song, we filmed my first music video. At the beginning I was nervous and excited, but the team working together made me feel confident and confident", says Milėja about the professional input on her first song.


Not afraid of criticism


Producer Faustas Venckus emphasises that it was very easy to work with Milena because of her sincere commitment to singing and her talent.


"I had heard of Milėja long before, because her talent and dedication to singing are unmatched. When I heard her singing in "Lietuvos balsas. Children" project, I was speechless that a young person could have so much drive and talent. You would think that there is an old, mature soul in her, whose experiences and whole being are evident in her singing," says the producer.


Venckus recalls that his first acquaintance with Milea was at a distance due to quarantine restrictions. He was surprised to find that she exudes a very energetic energy on stage, but behind the scenes she is modest and sincere.


"Milje lives music, appreciates all kinds of music, accepts criticism and objectively allows to change the vision of a song. I have to admit that very few artists, especially young ones, accept criticism and see it as a normal way to achieve a great result. It is very important that she is able to accept criticism and keep the real emotions in her work. That's why I like the song we created, because I know that it contains a lot of love, a desire to create and a dream of singing come true", says Venckus about the creative process.


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