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"Voice of Lithuania. Children" on stage - the daughter of Skaiste Steikūnaitė, former member of "Naujos pupytės" group

As every Sunday evening, at 19:30 on LNK, Lithuania will once again be invited to the screens by the most watched music project "Lietuvos balsas. Children" A huge group of talented performers not only from Lithuania, but also from abroad, ready to amaze teachers and the whole country with their vocal abilities once again.


On this Sunday's show, the daughter of the beautiful Skaistė Steikūnaitė, a former member of the Naujos pupytė group, will be trying to turn the tables on the teachers. The talented fourteen-year-old Patricija, who is learning Korean, has been dreaming about the stage since she was a child.


"When I was little, I used to watch my mother on stage all the time. And I wanted to get up on stage and sing and be just like my mum. So I decided that that's it, I had to try, I had to sing, and that's why I ended up here," says Patricia.


Skaiste, a former singer who has been working in the beauty industry for years, has not forgotten her experience on stage, and she also gave her daughter a lot of advice before her performance in Lithuania.


"Participation in this project has been her ambition for many years. It's better for a child to have their own strengths and weaknesses and hobbies, to strive for something, than to do nothing at all. My advice to her would be to just relax and enjoy being on stage, doing what she likes", says Skaistė Steikūnaitė.


Patricija herself adds about her mother's advice: "Since she has been a singer for a long time, she also told me to remember to breathe when singing and not to move too much on stage. Of course, charisma is everything on stage, but you have to remember to breathe well and sing well. You have to show your voice professionally too."


How Patricia will fare on stage and what promise she will surprise the project's teachers with - will be shown already this Sunday, 19:30 on LNK.