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After failing on stage last season, the Voice of Lithuania. Children" project, the participant returns with reinforcements - he will appear in a duet


Tonight, on LNK TV, Lithuania will be delighted by the second edition of "The Voice of Lithuania. Children" blind auditions - more than one child with an impressive voice will be trying to win back the teachers' chairs here.


Among the most prominent participants are Patricija, the daughter of the former member of "Naujoji pupytė" Skaistė Steikūnaitė, Sijana, the offspring of a boxing trainer who has trained several champions, Regvita, a fan of heavy rock and metal who surprised her teachers, Viltė, a singer who has made a star in the first season, has released a solo track and has grown a lot, and something that has never been seen before on the stage of the project - the brother-sister duo.


Thirteen-year-old Radion tried his luck in the project in the previous season, but that time the boy lacked something on stage - he couldn't turn a single chair. After a year of vocal development, he decided to try his luck again, this time with his 14-year-old sister Sofia as a reinforcement.


"My sister and I have been singing all our lives, so I wouldn't say it would be harder for us to perform together. Last year I tried to enter the project as a soloist, only to be turned down. But it didn't matter to me, I said I'd be back in season three and asked my mother to let me, but she didn't want to accept right away," says Radion.


Svetlana, the duo's mother, assures that she was against her son's wish for a long time: 'I was completely against it for about a month, I didn't want to fill in the questionnaire, I asked him if he really needed to do it again. But when Sofia decided to join him, I agreed. Sofia is singing extremely well now, and Radion is just like a motor, if he sees his goal, he will try to achieve it in every way."


The duo's performance on stage also surprised the project teachers, who openly asked both participants what they would do if it turned out that only one of them could go on in the course of the project.


"It feels very much like you are not only family but also very good friends. You support each other no matter what and that is a great strength. You leave an impression. But the question of separation is important because in the process of a duet a lot of things become apparent and sometimes it becomes clear that you should continue on the stage separately", says Donatas after Sofia and Radion.


See what the siblings will say to the teachers and which children will become the brightest stars after their first performance on stage - tonight at 19:30 on LNK.