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"Voice of Lithuania. Children" trivia contest - Donatas Montvydas' open confession to children.



At the end of "Voice of Lithuania. Children" blind auditions, a new and competitive round of trials begins. This Sunday at 19:30 on LNK, the project will once again bring all Lithuanian families to the screens and start a spectacular stage, where for the first time, the children will prepare their performances for the stage together with Donatas Montvydas, Mantas Jankavičius, Monique and the professionals working in the project in style, dance and vocals. Three teachers' teams will perform on stage and only one of them will go through to the semi-finals. This Sunday's show will also reveal the first two children who will go through to the grand final.


But in addition to exceptional musical performances, the children will be ready to tell Lithuania absolutely everything about their teachers. Asking the project team to ask their teachers any question, even the most embarrassing ones, the children will find out unheard facts about the lives of the music stars: unfulfilled dreams, embarrassing on-stage incidents and their biggest fears.


"I immediately think of the nightmares I have. Zalgiris Arena, you have to get on stage, the arena is full, and you realise that you physically have no voice. Your biggest concert and you can't sing. Every time I wake up after this nightmare, I start wailing. This is my biggest fear," says Donatas Montvydas when asked by the children on the show what he fears most in life.


The singer will also reveal the most embarrassing incident on stage during the concert: "I remember there was the Gargždai town festival and I was dancing there in a suit with trousers. I was doing a choreography with a deep squat, I'm squatting and I feel my trousers tearing across my lap and I realise that my white underwear is shining..."


Given the opportunity to ask the teacher anything they want, the children will be eager to find out how the teacher has not yet got tired of the Voice of Lithuania chair, how long he or she promises to stay in the project, why he or she chose the path of a singer and what experiences in childhood made him or her pursue his or her dreams so tenaciously.


A musical bomb of positivity on stage, professionally prepared children's performances, Donatas' unexpected confession to the children and difficult decisions when choosing which two members of his team Donatas will go to the final with - this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.