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ELITAZ celebrates its 15th anniversary - Lithuanian stars share their most memorable moments


ELITAZ, a creative house renowned for its exceptional events and projects, celebrates its 15th anniversary today. Gediminas Jaunius, who founded the company in 2005 with like-minded people, boldly calls ELITAZ the most important project of his life.


"This is the home of my successes and my mistakes, and I cherish all these experiences equally, which ultimately made me a stronger person and a greater professional. I am glad that today the ELITAZ name has much more meaning - under this name there are talented and experienced creators, our visions are diverse and different, but we are united by a common aspiration to constantly grow in creativity and quality. Let me joke, when I was younger I had a dream to be part of the Jesuit community, but it turned out that I created my own, not religious, but creative community, where we are really sometimes more than just collaborators - brothers and sisters with great creative ambitions, maybe that's why the term "Elitaz family" has naturally taken root in our team, which is really a broad and already international group of people," says Gediminas Jaunius.


And although the plans for this year's important anniversary had to be adjusted due to the situation in the country, the festive mood, according to G. Jaunius, has not stopped, and the creative house plans to celebrate this anniversary all year round. Today, on its Youtube channel, ELITAZ is sharing online a never-before-seen concert by A. Mamontovas, which took place last year, entitled "North Night. Half Past Five" with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and a unique documentary. And it gives you the chance to see all of the most successful events it has ever produced: the Free Fest 2019, Tech Top 2019, People 2019, the Gala Concert with the Lithuanian Voice and more. But what else the creative house plans to show the audience will reveal a real and unseen side of the events industry.


"As we enter a new five-year period, we plan to add new shades to our activities, one of which will be ELITAZ documentaries, which will be varied. Perhaps the most intriguing will be the Z15 series of documentaries dedicated to ELITAZ's anniversary, where we will unveil the unheard secrets of the behind-the-scenes life, adventures and stories of well-known projects, giving you a behind-the-scenes look. In a way, we can say that we will celebrate the anniversary naked - it will be really open stories of well-known people about their adventures in ELITAZ projects - stories with a good dose of self-irony, humour, not bypassing the most painful pages of our history and revealing long-guarded secrets," Gediminas Jaunius tells us of his grand plans.


 Today, ELITAZ is welcomed by a host of Lithuanian stars who have implemented a number of successful projects with the creative house over the past fifteen years. In the video, they share their most memorable and funniest moments and reveal the behind-the-scenes of their work with ELITAZ. 


In fifteen years, ELITAZ has developed four areas in which it has developed a distinctive style and firmly established itself in the market. ELITAZ EVENTS has become the inevitable choice of customers looking for exceptional events. ELITAZ PRODUCTION is also making a name for itself outside the country - it was the first in the world to implement the latest Dance Revolution franchise, which has become a model for major countries, and the Voice of Lithuania, which has been running for seven seasons, has brought all three versions of this format to the country: for adults, children and seniors. The ELITAZ DIGITAL division, which started from the need to implement the digital part of international projects, has evolved in recent years into an independent, fast-growing area that today has particularly strong prospects for development. ELITAZ MUSIC, meanwhile, represents solid artists who create lasting value and, together with them, produces products that reflect today's trends and have a relevance that reaches across the decades.


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