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Monika Marija: it was the most interesting course of my life

After more than two years of working together, the collaboration between ELITAZ MUSIC and Monika Marija comes to an end. Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of ELITAZ Creative House, believes that with
singer Monika Marija, their paths will undoubtedly cross again:


"The winner of the fifth season of the Voice of Lithuania project contracts with ELITAZ MUSIC
implemented. During this time, the Agency has made good on its commitments. Personally, I am delighted
Monika Maria's career, which, thanks to our joint efforts, has been exceptionally successful. I hope that her talent will continue to shine brightly in ever wider creative spaces. Monika Marija
will always be an important part of the Voice of Lithuania family. On behalf of the ELITAZ team, I wish her every success
as I continue my career on my own, I have no doubt that we will meet again and again in joint projects."


In the two years of ELITAZ MUSIC's work with Monika Marija, we have realised phenomenal
Monica Marija's popularity sparked instantly after her victory in the Voice of Lithuania: her debut album, six original singles with the best Lithuanian and Swedish musicians,
including the million-view single "Light On"; four music videos; the final in three
national Eurovision Song Contest, prize prize in the international prestigious competition "Cerbul
de Aur 2019 in Romania; even several national tours: the 2018 tour of the country's major arenas,
whose final concert was broadcast live on LNK TV, the second concert tour in 2019
covering as many as 16 Lithuanian cities; a prominent role in the collage opera "Mažvydas"; numerous television events - Monika Marija is today one of the most active performers in the country. After winning the fifth season of "The Voice of Lithuania", today Monika is a member of the most popular music project in Lithuania "Lietuvos hlasas. Children".


"I have often said that the Voice of Lithuania changed my life so irrevocably that,
I don't seem to remember what it was like before. I am happy and proud to have met the team and the people we have worked with so far in this project. Over the last few years I have had
the opportunity to take the most interesting course of my life, where I learned a lot. For this I am
I am grateful to the ELITAZ team and I hope we will continue to support each other in the creative world!", -
says Monika Maria.


Silvija Jaunienė, Head of ELITAZ MUSIC, assures that customers and partners will benefit from this
"The term of the cooperation between our agency and Monika Marija has already expired some time ago, but we have extended it by mutual agreement in order to finish the work we have started and to get the best result for Monika and the audience. Although we will no longer be officially representing Monika Maria from the first of June, the agreements and
orders remain valid, so customers don't have to worry about them. We wish Monika Marija a successful career and are already preparing to welcome the winners of the seventh season of Voice of Lithuania, whose career success we are eager to ensure."


Silvija Jaunienė promises to continue to consistently follow the ELITAZ MUSIC direction - to concentrate on solid, lasting-value artists and the production that is created together with them, reflecting the
today's trends and a relevance that spans decades.


ELITAZ MUSIC represents vocal master Rosita Čivilyte; singer and actress Kristina Radžiukynaitė - KaYra; Paulina Paukštaityte, a fast-rising owner of a special voice, whose new single will soon reach the listeners; "Lietuvos balsas. Children" first season winner Milēja Stankevičiūte;
"Gerda Šukyte, winner of the sixth season of the Voice of Lithuania; saxophonist Rokas Jaunis and his
the Vilnius Big Band and the Rokas Jaunius Jazz Septet.