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"Voice of Lithuania. Children" - celebrity children's fight for the semi-finals and the tears of the project participants


The project "Voice of Lithuania. Vaikai", which won the title of the best entertainment programme in this week's Lithuanian Radio and Television "Pragiedrulių" competition, will continue tonight with the trials stage. The participants of the project, assisted by teachers Donatas Montvydas, Monika Marija and Mantas Jankavičius, will continue to delight the audience with their high level performances and exceptional voices.


The second edition of the stunts will be a whirlwind of emotions: the audience will be dancing from their seats, the offspring of well-known performers will be shaking the stage, and the rising tension will make you shed tears.


The trio of Monika Maria's eldest pupils have a tough challenge ahead of them - the girls are charismatic and expressive, but already during the first rehearsal there are difficulties. Different charactors and attitudes become a barrier to overcome in order to prepare a group performance.


 "The biggest problem in their team is that they don't trust themselves, they don't support each other, they sing like three different singers", commented teacher Monika Marija after the rehearsals.


"So far, I see that you are demonstrating yourselves and demonstrating one by one. It's better to sing some of the notes quietly instead of shouting - it's a different emotion," adds the trio's teacher.


Different personalities and experiences come to the fore for a reason. In this stunt, Rūta, who has music in her blood, will fight for a place in the semi-finals. She inherited her love of music from her parents, who are also familiar to TV viewers - Rūta grows up in the family of singer Asta Pilypaitė and Linas Zarecko-Choras, a member of the band ŽAS.


However, Donatas Montvydas' team will also include one more participant who also follows in the footsteps of his musical relatives - the trio will include Jonas and Simona Nainiai' godson Kipras. He, along with the other members of the team, will face an even bigger challenge - their teacher has chosen a song by Egidijus Dragūno-SEL that none of the trio has ever heard. The pupils are focused, but already during the first rehearsal the teacher remarks: "During the rehearsal, I felt that everyone is not completely comfortable with the song they are singing."


The trio has different feelings - the students have already become friends, but this time they become adversaries on stage.


 "It's a bit sad that I'm in a triathlon with very good friends," said Urtė.


The tension in the project is growing and this is confirmed not only by the decreasing number of participants, but also by the emotions of the young performers - the girls from Monika Marija's team won't be able to hold back their tears after the show. Symbolically, this team will also include Saulė, who moved her future teacher to the depths of his heart during the blind auditions by performing Monika Maria's song "Light on". Saulė made her teacher cry and received a thank you.


"I am very happy that for the second year in a row my team is a reflection of me in this project. You are so sensitive, the way you support each other, the way you enjoy what you do is the most beautiful thing on Earth", commented Monika Marija.


The show will also be packed with good emotions - Donatas' team, which includes two children who are participating in the project for the first time, will throw a real party for the audience. The performance will include dancing from the project teachers and the audience, followed by praise for the children's energetic performance. Commenting on the team, Donatas Montvydas said he was glad that the performance was not for himself but for the audience.


Who will surprise the most in the second show, how will the offspring of the stars fare and who will go to the Voice of Lithuania. Children" semi-final will be revealed this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.