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The premiere of "The Voice of Lithuania" features the return of a famous singer from the past


Tonight, at 19:30, LNK will broadcast the highly anticipated premiere of the seventh season of "The Voice of Lithuania", where the new quartet of teachers will search for the best voice in the country. Donatas Montvydas, Justinas Jarutis, Monique and Monika Liu are unanimous in saying that no other season has ever seen so many talented and extremely bright personalities.


The premiere will also feature the exclusive return of Ieva Jotkėlaitė, formerly a member of the famous Širdelės group and now Ieva Tubinas. It was this group's song "Women Lie Better" that was written for the popular TV series of the same name. After almost a decade of absence, the singer and the titular beauty is ready to return to the stage and show how much she has changed.


"I want to sing and the time has come. It's time to slip out of what I've been doing and show myself. I started performing around the age of fifteen. That's when I was noticed by the Bendžiai brothers, who came up with the idea of forming a duo at that very moment. I was lucky and got in. I had a lot of good experiences with the band Širdelės. After three years, it all ended and there was a period of peace for about nine years. I was tired of it all. I like to communicate and talk, but maybe there was a time when I had to pick myself up a bit and now I'm rising from the ashes," says Ieva.


But after taking a break from the big stage, Ieva hasn't given up on music. Formerly known as "Ieva from Hearts", she is now a respected, loved and certified jazz vocal teacher.


"I've done a lot of gigging and tried out many different styles of music. Later, I graduated with a degree in jazz music, followed by a master's degree in music education. I hesitated for a long time about taking part in the project. When you work with children, there is a fear of what will happen if nobody turns up. It's a responsibility not only to yourself, but also to your pupils. But the people around me have always pushed me very hard to try. And I thought "sure, why not me there?", says Ieva about her decision to participate in the project.


Whether the singer's return to the big stage will be a success and whether Ieva will be able to turn around the teachers' chairs with her performance, can be seen already tonight, at 19:30 on LNK, in the premiere of the seventh season of "The Voice of Lithuania".